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Kopia: AI Virtual Clothes Try-On


Kopia provides an AI-driven virtual try-on solution for e-commerce businesses. It allows customers to see how clothes look on them using their own photos and body information. This helps stores increase sales and decrease returns.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple Integration: Easily add Kopia to your Shopify store with minimal coding.
  • Efficient Customer Experience: Shoppers input their details once to try on any apparel item virtually.
  • Increased Sales Conversion: By allowing shoppers to see how clothes fit before buying, Kopia can help increase the likelihood of purchase.
  • Reduced Return Rates: Accurate visualizations mean customers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchases, decreasing the need for returns.
  • Valuable Consumer Insights: Gather data on customer preferences and trends based on their interactions with the virtual try-on feature.

Kopia Platforms

  • Shopify

Kopia Tasks

  • Enable customers to virtually try on clothing items
  • Provide data insights to brands about customer preferences and fitting issues
  • Enhance online shopping experience by mimicking a physical fitting room

Kopia Integrations

  • Shopify

Real-world applications

Kopia can revolutionize the way online shopping experiences are delivered by providing a virtual fitting room directly on your e-commerce platform. This not only enhances user engagement but also taps into the growing trend of personalized online shopping experiences. Here are some specific ways Kopia can be utilized:

  • Boosted Consumer Confidence: By enabling customers to see themselves in outfits before purchasing, Kopia significantly reduces the uncertainty that often accompanies online shopping. This direct visual feedback helps customers make more informed decisions, potentially increasing the conversion rates for e-commerce sites.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: E-commerce platforms can use Kopia’s data insights to understand popular trends and preferences among their customers. This data can be leveraged to tailor marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with the target audience, thereby increasing effectiveness and customer engagement.
  • Interactive Shopping Events: Imagine integrating Kopia into live sales events where customers can participate from the comfort of their homes. During these events, shoppers could instantly try on featured items virtually, creating an interactive and engaging shopping experience that could drive immediate purchases.
  • Social Shopping Experiences: Kopia can facilitate a ‘share with friends’ feature, allowing users to send images of themselves in different outfits to friends for feedback. This could transform online shopping into a social event, increasing time spent on the site and potentially boosting sales through peer recommendations.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: With the ability to see what items customers are trying on, support teams can offer more tailored advice on sizing and style, improving the overall customer service experience and helping to further reduce return rates.
  • Seasonal Fittings: E-commerce sites can host seasonal virtual try-on rooms where customers can try new arrivals, special edition garments, or holiday-specific outfits, enhancing the seasonal shopping experience without needing any physical inventory handling.

By integrating Kopia, online retailers can not only improve the efficiency and appeal of their shopping platform but also create a more dynamic and enjoyable shopping environment that mimics the benefits of an in-store experience.

Who is Kopia for

  • Online retailers
  • Fashion brands
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Shoppers

Pricing & Discount

Basic$1,000/month1,500 per monthLimited
Premium$2,750/month5,000 per monthUnlimited

Kopia Free version

Not available


  • Integration primarily focused on Shopify, limiting use with other e-commerce platforms


  • Integration may need technical assistance for custom e-commerce sites
  • Cost might be a barrier for small brands or startups

Potential Future Developments

Kopia could expand to include automatic size recommendations based on machine learning analysis of user data. Adding compatibility with more e-commerce platforms would also broaden its usability.

Explore Kopia and see how it fits into your online store.

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