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Reword: Custom Trained AI Writer


Reword stands out as a unique AI-powered platform designed to elevate the process of writing articles through effective collaboration between teams and a customizable AI assistant, known as the Cowriter. Unlike traditional AI writing tools, Reword emphasizes a people-first approach, enabling users to train the AI in their unique writing styles and ensuring the content produced resonates with both the readers and search engines.

Features & Benefits

  • Customizable AI Cowriter: Users can train the Cowriter in their unique writing style by feeding it PDFs or online content.
  • Citations for Claims: Reword supports building audience trust by providing citations for every claim made in the articles.
  • Collaborative Writing: Designed with team collaboration in mind, offering editorial suggestions and actionable insights.
  • Content Clusters: Helps organize existing articles into clusters and generates new topic ideas to expand content.
  • Specialized Research: Enables users to turn their Cowriter into a topic specialist by giving it access to relevant resources.
  • SEO Optimization: Articles are optimized for readability and engagement, ensuring they meet search engine and reader preferences.
  • Search Score Analysis: Offers analysis on how articles align with the audience’s actual search intents, moving beyond keyword stuffing.
  • Multi-Language Support: Allows writing in over 25 languages, catering to a global audience.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitates teamwork by providing each member with their own AI Cowriter.
  • CMS Integration: Offers 2-way synchronization with existing content management systems for seamless content management.

Reword Platforms

  • Web app

Reword Tasks

  • Train an AI to write in your unique style
  • Provide citations for claims in articles
  • Offer editorial suggestions and insights
  • Organize content into clusters for expanded ideas
  • Conduct specialized research for articles

Reword Integrations

  • WordPress, Google Search Console

Real-world applications

Imagine a scenario where a content creation team is struggling with maintaining a consistent voice across their articles, leading to a disjointed reader experience. Reword steps in, allowing the team to train their own Cowriter with their best pieces, ensuring uniformity in style and tone. For a team member researching a niche topic, Reword turns their Cowriter into a specialist, delving into resources provided by the team to craft well-informed content that stands out for its depth and accuracy.

Moreover, the headache of coming up with fresh content ideas is alleviated as Reword organizes existing content into clusters, sparking new ideas for articles that resonate with the audience.

On a lighter note, imagine training your Cowriter to craft articles in the style of famous writers or celebrities for a unique content series – Shakespeare writes tech reviews, anyone?

Who is Reword for

  • Content teams
  • Freelancers
  • Publishers
  • Marketing agencies

Pricing & Discount

GROW$39/month10 drafts
PRO$299/monthUnlimited projects, article tracking, teammates, drafts

Reword Free version

Not available


  • Limited seats available in the GROW plan.
  • Training the AI requires existing content or resources for optimal customization.


  • The effectiveness of AI training could vary based on the quality and quantity of input materials.
  • Integration with certain CMS platforms might require technical adjustments.
  • The multi-language support quality may vary depending on the language.

Potential Future Developments

Enhancing the AI’s understanding of more diverse and complex writing styles could broaden its applicability. Integrating more specialized research tools directly into Reword would further strengthen its position as a comprehensive writing assistant.

Discover how Reword can transform your article writing process by offering a collaborative, customizable, and research-driven experience.

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