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ZonGuru: Amazon E-commerce Brand Management Toolkit


ZonGuru assists Amazon sellers and brands in navigating the complexities of e-commerce. It offers a suite of Amazon AI tools for product research, listing optimization, business metrics monitoring, and customer engagement. By integrating with ChatGPT-4, ZonGuru provides users with advanced capabilities to grow their Amazon businesses efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Product Research Tools: Discover and analyze potential products to sell on Amazon with ease.
    • Niche Finder: Quickly generate product ideas.
    • Chrome Extension: Research products directly on Amazon.
    • Sales Spy: Track monthly sales data for Amazon products.
    • Love-Hate: Identify product strengths and weaknesses.
    • Easy Source: Connect with suitable suppliers via
  • Listing Optimization Tools: Create listings that attract clicks and conversions.
    • Keywords on Fire: Find buyer keywords driving sales for competitors.
    • Listing Optimizer: Craft the perfect listing using accurate data.
  • Business Metrics Tools: Get a comprehensive view of your business health and improvement areas.
    • Business Dashboard: Access important business metrics.
    • My Products: Manage products and supplier re-order alerts.
    • My Orders: Instantly find and manage orders.
  • Monitoring & Alerts Tools: Stay updated on critical changes to your products.
    • Keyword Tracker: Monitor daily ranking for buyer keywords.
    • Product Pulse: Receive instant alerts for reviews or listing hijacks.
    • IP Monitor: Get alerts for unauthorized use of your images.
  • Customer Engagement Tools: Keep customers engaged and happy.
    • Email Automator: Set rules for automatic outreach to customers.
    • Review Automator: Automate review requests.

ZonGuru Platforms

  • Web app

ZonGuru Tasks

  • Generate product ideas
  • Research products on Amazon
  • Track Amazon product sales data
  • Optimize Amazon listings
  • Monitor business metrics
  • Engage with customers

ZonGuru Integrations


Real-world applications

ZonGuru shines in various scenarios:

  • For New Entrepreneurs: Jumpstart your Amazon journey by identifying lucrative niches and products with minimal effort.
  • For Established Brands: Elevate your brand presence by optimizing listings and engaging more effectively with your customers.
  • For Agencies: Manage multiple clients’ Amazon accounts efficiently, providing them with insights and improvements.
  • For the Curious Cat: Ever wondered if you could sell cat-themed socks? ZonGuru could help analyze that niche and find your purrfect supplier!

Who is ZonGuru for

  • Amazon sellers
  • E-commerce entrepreneurs
  • Amazon agencies
  • Brand managers

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/MonthBilled AnnuallyFeatures
Researcher$29$348Niche Finder, Chrome Extension, Sales Spy, Love-Hate, etc.
Growth Plans$49 – $249Includes all Researcher features plus Business Dashboard, etc.

ZonGuru Free version

Not available


  • Plans and features vary, limiting access based on subscription.
  • Focused on Amazon, not suitable for other e-commerce platforms.


  • Data privacy and security for Amazon sellers.
  • Learning curve for new users.
  • Cost may be prohibitive for small sellers.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion to other e-commerce platforms could benefit users.
  • Enhanced AI suggestions for product trends and optimization.
  • Integration with logistics and inventory management tools.
  • Automate feedback review with AI.

Find out how ZonGuru can help manage and grow your Amazon e-commerce brand today.

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