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Intellisay: Voice-Based Daily Planning


Intellisay helps you create an optimal daily plan using your voice. Simply talk about your plans, and the tool transcribes and analyzes your input to generate a structured schedule. This saves time and ensures you stay organized.

Features & Benefits

  • Voice Input: Speak your tasks and events instead of writing them.
  • AI Transcription: Uses OpenAI’s Whisper API to transcribe voice into text.
  • AI Analysis: ChatGPT analyzes the text to create and recommend events.
  • Carry Over Tasks: Uncompleted tasks automatically move to the next day.
  • Habit Tracking: Track habits over time to form good ones and break bad ones (coming soon).
  • Quick Setup: Start planning in 30 seconds.

Intellisay Platforms

  • Web app

Intellisay Tasks

  • Transcribe voice to text
  • Analyze tasks and events
  • Create an optimal daily plan
  • Carry over uncompleted tasks
  • Track habits (coming soon)

Intellisay Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Intellisay is perfect for anyone who finds typing tedious. Busy professionals can quickly plan their day by speaking their tasks, ensuring they never miss a meeting or deadline. Students can use it to keep track of assignments and study schedules, simply by talking through their day. For parents, the AI tool can help juggle multiple schedules and activities. Habit trackers will soon benefit from monitoring their progress, making it easier to establish and maintain good habits.

Imagine using an AI planner tool to plan a surprise party without revealing your plans to anyone in the family!

Who is Intellisay for

  • Busy professionals
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Habit trackers

Pricing & Discount

Basic$3/monthAI Task & Event Analysis, Unlimited AI Voice Transcription, Premium Support

Intellisay Free version

Not available


  • Requires internet connection.
  • Habit tracking feature is not yet available.


  • Data Privacy: Audio files are processed on a server and then deleted. Transcribed text is stored in a database but can be deleted upon request.
  • Usability: Requires online access due to reliance on APIs.
  • Learning Curve: Users must adapt to speaking tasks instead of typing them.

Potential Future Developments

  • Offline Support: Allowing users to access features without an internet connection.
  • Advanced Habit Tracking: More detailed analytics on habit formation and tracking.

For a unique productivity experience, try speaking your tasks and let Intellisay handle the rest.

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