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FaceCheck ID: Face Lookup


FaceCheck ID is a face lookup search engine that uses facial recognition technology. The AI tool helps users find online appearances of specific individuals based on uploaded photos. It searches various public domains, including social media, news articles, and blogs, to provide links where the person’s face appears.

Features & Benefits

  • Face lookup: Users can upload a photo to search for matching or similar faces across the internet.
  • Match Quality Score: Provides a score between 0 and 100, indicating the accuracy of a match.
  • Red Flags System: Alerts users to potential risks if it detects matches found on criminal databases or in unwanted contexts.
  • Ethical Data Handling: FaceCheck ID indexes only publicly available images and respects privacy and legal standards.
  • No Personal Data Storage: The AI tool doesn’t store personal details beyond temporary thumbnails for search purposes.

FaceCheck ID Platforms

  • Web app

FaceCheck ID Tasks

  • Face lookup by uploaded photo
  • Identify social media profiles
  • Recognize appearances in videos
  • Detect mugshots
  • Discover blog mentions
  • Identify news appearances

FaceCheck ID Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

FaceCheck ID can be instrumental for individuals looking to authenticate the identity of new acquaintances met online. By uploading a person’s photo, users can instantly check if the person has been associated with criminal activities or if the face appears under different names on social media, signaling potential fraud.

Business professionals can use the face lookup tool to ensure they are not entering agreements with individuals flagged in negative contexts. Moreover, it’s helpful for verifying identities in online marketplaces where scams are common.

Journalists and researchers can employ the AI face lookup to track down persons of interest by locating their online footprints across various media.

We wonder what results do you get if you use a face swap photo….

Who is FaceCheck ID for

  • Journalists
  • Online daters
  • Researchers
  • Human resource professionals
  • Law enforcement officers

Pricing & Discount

Each FaceCheck ID search costs 3 credits and only crypto payments are accepted (Bitcoin & Litecoin).

Also we’ve notices a small detail which is kind of “funny.” Given the cost of 3 credits per FaceCheck search, it’s seems that in all packages except Rookie, you will be left with unusable credits. It’s small change but still…

Plan NameCostCreditsCredit Expiration
Rookie$19 in Crypto15014 days
Private Eye$47 in Crypto4002 months
Deep Investigator$197 in Crypto2,0006 months
The Professional$597 in Crypto10,0001 year

FaceCheck Free version

Not available


  • Payment options limited to Bitcoin and Litecoin only.
  • Credits for face lookup searches have expiration dates.
  • Can’t identify or search for faces under 18 years of age.


  • Users must verify the reliability of match scores.
  • Not all credit packages offer links to the sources.
  • Dependence on public data may limit the results in some regions.
  • Ethical concerns about the use of facial recognition technology in the face lookup searches.
  • Limited payment options could restrict access.

Potential Future Developments

Possible FaceCheck enhancements could include:

  • Adding more payment options.
  • Remove the credit expiration period.

Explore FaceCheck today and start your investigative search with online face lookup.

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