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On this page, you can find answers to some questions about AI Tools Explorer. We will keep updating the information, based on the user feedback received.

AI Tools Explorer (AITE) is a platform for showcasing publicly available AI tools, and AIaaS (AI as a Service) platforms. This is not an aggregator website, simply listing AI tools.

The main criteria to include an entry is quality. Some of the entries are free to use and others are paid. For each entry we have an article, exploring the given AI tool. The entries are listed by category in the AI Hub and users can choose to read the in-depth article or visit the AI tool’s own website. We also have some additional sections related to AI.

AITE’s structure includes the following sections:

Lists in categories all AI tools we have included. We are working on adding more options for sorting, so stay tuned. Most AI tools we feature have a detailed overview article including features, benefits, pricing, use-cases, etc.

AI Online is a catalog of various AI resources found on the web. It includes:

The Best AI Dierectories

The Best AI YouTube Channels

The Best AI X (Twitter) Accounts to Follow.

New entries and categories are being added on regular basis.

This section aims to enrich your AI knowledge, offering a selection of courses and articles including:

AI Courses – a collection of courses for all levels.

AI Ethics – articles on the ethical aspect of AI.

AI Glossary – detailed explanation of the main concepts and terminology related to AI.

AI History – an introduction to the key moments in the origins and development of artificial intelligence.

This section aims to enrich your AI knowledge, offering a selection of courses and articles including:

AI Uses includes articles about the existing and potential applications of AI (artificial intelligence).

AI Guides – aims to give a general idea of how to implement AI in various areas of life.

AI Money – some ideas on how AI can help you generate income.

We are working on adding more sections of interest, so stay tuned by following our social media channels.

Please note that we only add SFW AI Tools and AI Resources.

AITE includes only quality AI tools, both online and in the physical world. You can find Innovative entries, with valuable practical applications and in some cases we can feature even concept AI tools.

To give you an example, a tool which is simply a niche chatbot powered by an API by a larger LLM (i.e. Greeting card message generator, Speak with famous X or similar, etc.), is less likely to be featured.

This is the reason AITE does not feature every single AI tool. There are thousands of AI tools but in reality, a tiny percentage of them are worth exploring.

The AITE Test section confirms that we have tested the given AI tool and publish the results from the test.

The AITE Verdict is a confirmation that our team recommends the AI tool. If an entry is not present on AITE, we either haven’t tested it yet, or we are on standby for the devs to get to the next phase.

To submit your AI Tool, connect with Jane Saeli on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jane-saeli/).
Please make sure your AI tool is fully operational. Same goes for its website.

Visit our Contact Us page for all available options.