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Listing Builder: Amazon Product Listing Optimization Tool


Listing Builder by Helium 10 is a tool designed to help Amazon sellers create and improve their product listings. It uses AI to suggest keywords, generate copy, and analyze competitors, making the process quicker and more efficient.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Enhanced Copywriting: Generates SEO-optimized titles, bullet points, and product descriptions.
  • Dashboard Management: Manage all your listings in one place.
  • Keyword Suggestions: Provides keywords to improve visibility and ranking.
  • Competitor Analysis: Import competitor ASINs to study and adapt their keyword strategies.
  • Content Customization: Customize product content based on specific characteristics and desired tone.
  • Version Testing: Draft and compare multiple listings to find the best performing one.
  • Direct Amazon Sync: Update and sync listings directly with Amazon Seller Central.

Listing Builder Platforms

  • Web app

Listing Builder Tasks

  • Generate SEO-optimized product listings
  • Manage and organize listings from a dashboard
  • Provide keyword suggestions with search volume and competition data
  • Import and analyze competitor keyword strategies
  • Customize listing content for target audiences
  • Test and select the best performing listing versions
  • Sync listings directly to Amazon Seller Central

Listing Builder Integrations

  • Chat GPT
  • Amazon Seller Central

Real-world applications

Listing Builder shines in various scenarios, such as when a new seller wants to enter a competitive market with a standout listing. It’s also invaluable for established sellers looking to refresh old listings with up-to-date keywords and optimized content. Imagine a seller experimenting with humorous product descriptions to appeal to a niche market or using the tool to swiftly adapt listings during a trend surge, significantly cutting down on research and revision time. Boldly, one could even use it to craft listings for the world’s first AI-created product, ensuring it’s as appealing to humans as it is to search algorithms. And for a touch of whimsy, why not optimize listings for alien artifacts, ensuring they rank #1 in interstellar search results?

Who is Listing Builder for

  • Amazon sellers
  • E-commerce managers
  • Content creators
  • Marketing professionals

Pricing & Discount


Listing Builder Free version

Not available


  • Requires Helium 10 subscription for full access
  • Focused solely on Amazon listings


  • Dependence on accurate keyword data
  • Learning curve for advanced features
  • Potential for similar content across different listings

Potential Future Developments

Adding support for more e-commerce platforms could broaden its appeal. Implementing AI-driven image selection advice might also enhance listing optimization, offering a more holistic approach to product presentation.

Explore how Listing Builder can optimize your Amazon listings with AI efficiency and strategic insight.

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