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Generait: Your Go-To All-in-One AI Platform

Generait stands out as a comprehensive AI platform designed to cater to a wide range of needs across different categories. It offers a variety of AI-powered applications from imaging and text generation to AI therapy and business tools, making it a versatile choice for users looking to save time and enhance their productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide Range of AI Tools: From AI imaging, text generation, AI teaching tools, text-to-speech, AI therapy, to AI tools for business, Generait covers a broad spectrum of functionalities.
  • AI Email Automation: Includes an autoresponder and AI email assistant for efficient communication.
  • AI Content Creation: Tools for generating stories, characters, coloring book pages, and summarizing YouTube videos.
  • AI Business Applications: Features AI tools for creating business plans, therapy sessions, and even AI tutors for educational purposes.
  • Custom AI App Builder: Inventabot allows users to create their own AI applications, catering to unique needs.
  • ChatGPT 4 Access: Offers access to ChatGPT 4 without requiring a subscription.
  • AI for YouTube and Blogging: Specialized tools for generating YouTube metadata, summarizing videos, and converting blog posts into images.
  • AI Art and Design: Includes AI-powered tools for creating art, logos, and book covers.

Generait Platforms

  • Web app

Generait Tasks

  • Generate images and art
  • Create and summarize text
  • Automate email responses
  • Generate video summaries
  • Predict emotions
  • Convert speech to text and text to speech
  • Create AI-driven therapy sessions
  • Generate business plans and educational content

Generait Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world Applications

Generait is particularly beneficial for a variety of industries including digital marketing, education, mental health, content creation, and small to medium-sized businesses. Its AI email automation tools can streamline communication for businesses, while its content creation apps assist marketers and bloggers in generating innovative content. Educational institutions and online educators can leverage its AI teaching tools for personalized learning experiences. Mental health professionals might find its AI therapy tools useful for providing preliminary support. Lastly, its AI business tools can help entrepreneurs and startups with planning and strategizing.

Who is Generait for

  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • Therapists
  • Content Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Pricing & Discount

Try Me! Credit Pack200$9200 AI Image Generations, 40 Downloads, Commercial Use
Premium Credits Pack1000$391000 Generations, 200 Downloads, Faster Generation, Access all Apps, Commercial Use
1 Year UnlimitedUnlimited$1188Unlimited Generations and Downloads, Access all AI tools, Commercial Use, Ideal for Businesses

Generait Free version

Not available


  • Limited customization options for some AI tools.
  • May require multiple credits for complex tasks, affecting cost efficiency.
  • Absence of platform diversity; primarily available as a web app.


Users might have concerns regarding:

  • The learning curve associated with utilizing a wide array of tools.
  • The effectiveness and accuracy of AI-generated content, especially in sensitive areas like therapy.
  • Data privacy and security, given the platform’s extensive data handling capabilities.

Potential Future Developments

  • Introduction of more intuitive user interfaces to reduce the learning curve.
  • Enhancement of AI models for improved accuracy in content generation and therapy tools.
  • Expansion onto more platforms, such as mobile apps, for increased accessibility.

Generait offers a comprehensive suite of AI tools designed to cater to a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking to automate emails, generate content, or utilize AI for business planning and therapy, Generait provides a versatile platform to explore the potential of AI technology. Give Generait a try and discover how it can simplify your tasks and support your goals.

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