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Doctrina AI: AI Educational Tools


Doctrina AI is designed to aid the educational process by providing AI tools that assist with creating quizzes, essays, exams, and summaries. It focuses on enhancing both students’ and teachers’ learning experiences by integrating AI into traditional learning methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Quiz Generator (Free):
    • Create quizzes on various topics.
    • Adjust difficulty levels.
    • Ideal for revision and comprehensive studies.
  • Class Notes (Free):
    • Enhance lecture notes with insights and book recommendations.
    • Improve comprehension and depth of study topics.
  • Exam Generator (Paid):
    • Develop personalized exam questions.
    • Tailor questions to specific topics or books.
    • Effective for testing and reinforcing knowledge.
  • Essay Generator (Paid):
    • Produce essays based on specified criteria.
    • Supports various essay types including persuasive and narrative.
  • Summary Generator (Paid):
    • Condense and summarize long documents or books.
    • Focus on main points and essential themes.
  • AI Chat (Paid):
    • Interactive AI assistant for study-related queries.
    • Provides clarifications and supports learning.

Doctrina AI Platforms

  • Web app

Doctrina AI Tasks

  • Generate quizzes
  • Enhance class notes
  • Create personalized exams
  • Craft specific essays
  • Summarize long content
  • AI chat assistant

Doctrina AI Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Doctrina AI can possibly transform a typical study session into an interactive and efficient learning experience. For example, a student could use the AI Chat feature to clarify difficult topics from their curriculum. Meanwhile, a teacher might employ the Exam Generator to prepare customized tests quickly. This ensures that students are challenged according to their actual learning progress and needs.

A local book club could use the Summary Generator for analyzing complex novels. During their meetings, they compare their interpretations with the AI’s summaries to spark deeper discussions.

Who is Doctrina AI for

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Educational institutions
  • Self-learners

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceDiscounted Price
Lifetime Access$39$19

Doctrina AI Free version

  • Available

Some of the features are free to use.


  • Does not support importing data from URL to offer AI answers directly similar to Homeworkify.
  • No AI calcualtor feature, which should be a must for any AI student platform.


  • No subject specialization (ie. math, geography, biology).
  • The effectiveness and accuracy of AI-generated educational content in achieving deep, critical understanding among students.
  • The offered features are very

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding input options to include direct URL input could streamline the study process.
  • Integrating with educational platforms like Moodle or Blackboard would enhance usability within formal educational settings, allowing for direct use of Doctrina AI’s features in classroom management systems.
  • Development of collaboration tools within the platform could facilitate group study sessions and project teamwork, reflecting a more interactive learning environment.

Feel free to check out Doctrina AI but we feel it offers rather basic functionality.

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