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MagicSchool: AI Tools for Teachers


MagicSchool is an AI platform designed to assist teachers in their daily tasks, enhancing their workflow and improving classroom outcomes. The platform offers over 60 AI tools that help with lesson planning, assessment creation, and communication.

Features & Benefits

  • Lesson Plan Generator: Create detailed lesson plans based on your topics and objectives.
  • Multi-Step Assignment Generator: Develop comprehensive assignments including warm-ups, key vocabulary, and text-dependent questions.
  • Multiple Choice Quiz Generator: Create customized quizzes and answer keys based on any text.
  • IEP Generator: Draft individualized education programs tailored to students’ needs.
  • Professional Email Tool: Generate professional emails for communication with families and colleagues.
  • Google Classroom and Microsoft Exports: One-click exports to integrate with your existing learning management systems.
  • Safety & Privacy: Compliant with FERPA and state privacy laws, ensuring student data is protected.

Magic Tools

Here’s the full list of tools (long) offered by the platform AI platform for teachers:

  • 5E Model Science Lesson Plan Generator: Creates science lesson plans based on the 5E model.
  • AI-Resistant Assignment Suggestions: Provides assignment ideas that are challenging for AI to solve.
  • Academic Content Generator: Generates customized academic content.
  • Accommodation Suggestion Generator: Offers suggestions for student accommodations.
  • Assignment Scaffolder: Breaks down assignments into manageable steps.
  • BIP Suggestion Generator: Creates suggestions for Behavior Intervention Plans.
  • Behavior Intervention Suggestion Generator: Provides behavior intervention ideas.
  • Choice Board Generator (UDL): Generates choice boards for assignments.
  • Class Newsletter Tool: Creates newsletters for family communication.
  • Clear Directions: Simplifies and clarifies directions.
  • Coach’s Sports Practice Generator: Designs practice plans for sports teams.
  • Colleague Song Generator: Writes songs for colleagues’ celebrations.
  • Common Misconception Generator: Identifies and addresses common misconceptions.
  • Conceptual Understanding Generator: Develops ideas to build conceptual understanding.
  • Custom Chatbot: Creates a chatbot for specific criteria.
  • DOK Questions Generator: Generates questions based on Depth of Knowledge levels.
  • Data Table Analysis Generator: Produces data tables and associated questions.
  • Decodable Text Generator: Creates decodable texts for early literacy.
  • E-mail Family Tool: Generates professional emails for family communication.
  • E-mail Responder Tool: Creates customized email responses.
  • Exemplar & Non-Exemplar: Writes exemplar and non-exemplar assignment responses.
  • IEP Generator: Drafts individualized education programs.
  • Informational Text Generator: Generates informational texts on various topics.
  • Lesson Plan Generator: Creates lesson plans for specific topics.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Writes letters of recommendation.
  • Make it Relevant!: Provides ideas to make lessons relevant to students.
  • Math Spiral Review Generator: Generates spiral review activities for math.
  • Math Story Word Problems: Creates custom math word problems.
  • Multi-Step Assignment Generator: Develops comprehensive assignments.
  • Multiple Choice Quiz Generator – Text Based: Creates multiple choice quizzes and answer keys.
  • Multiple Explanations for Complex Concepts: Provides multiple explanations for complex concepts.
  • Professional Email Tool: Generates professional emails for communication.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) Generator: Creates project-based learning plans.
  • Reading Quiz Generator: Produces multiple choice reading quizzes and answer keys.
  • Report Card Comments: Writes narrative comments for report cards.
  • Restorative Reflection Generator: Creates student reflection assignments.
  • Rubric Generator: Develops rubrics for assignments.
  • SAT Reading Practice Test Generator: Generates practice SAT reading passages and questions.
  • SAT Reading Questions Custom: Creates SAT-style reading questions based on texts.
  • Science Lab Generator: Designs science lab activities.
  • Social Stories Generator: Creates social stories for students with autism.
  • Student Work Feedback Tool: Provides feedback on student work.
  • Syllabus Generator: Drafts syllabi for courses.
  • Teacher Observation Tool: Generates observation feedback for teachers.
  • Team Builder / Ice Breaker: Creates team building or ice breaker activities.
  • Text Analysis Assignment Generator: Produces text analysis assignments.
  • Text Dependent Questions: Generates questions based on texts.
  • Text Leveler Tool: Adapts texts to different reading levels.
  • Text Proofreader Tool: Proofreads and corrects texts.
  • Text Rewriter Tool: Rewrites texts for different audiences or purposes.
  • Text Scaffolder Tool: Scaffolds texts for struggling readers.
  • Text Summarizer Tool: Summarizes texts to specified lengths.
  • Text Translator Tool: Translates texts into different languages.
  • Thank You Note Generator: Writes thank you notes.
  • Three Dimensional Science Assessment Generator: Creates three-dimensional science assessments.
  • Unit Plan Generator: Drafts unit plans based on topics and standards.
  • Vocab List Generator: Generates vocabulary lists.
  • Vocabulary Based Text Generator: Produces texts that include specific vocabulary words.
  • YouTube Video Question Generator: Creates questions aligned to YouTube videos.
  • YouTube Video Summarizer: Summarizes YouTube videos to specified lengths.

MagicSchool Platforms

Web app

MagicSchool Tasks

  • Generate lesson plans
  • Create multi-step assignments
  • Develop multiple choice quizzes
  • Draft individualized education programs (IEPs)
  • Generate professional emails
  • Export to Google Classroom and Microsoft Word

MagicSchool Integrations

  • Google Classroom
  • Microsoft Word

Real-World Applications

MagicSchool streamlines the workload of educators by automating routine tasks. For instance, teachers can use the Lesson Plan Generator to quickly produce comprehensive lesson plans, saving hours of preparation time. The IEP Generator assists special education teachers in creating customized plans for their students, ensuring that every child’s unique needs are met. By integrating with Google Classroom, MagicSchool allows for seamless export of assignments and quizzes, making it easier for teachers to manage their digital classrooms.

Imagine using MagicSchool to create a personalized science experiment plan that considers each student’s interests. This not only engages students more effectively but also demonstrates the platform’s capability to cater to individual learning styles. Plus, if you’re ever stuck on how to celebrate a colleague’s birthday, the Colleague Song Generator can create a fun and personalized song to mark the occasion.

Who is MagicSchool For

  • Teachers
  • Special Education Professionals
  • School Administrators
  • Coaches

Pricing & Discount

MagicSchool Plus$8.33/month ($99.96/year)

MagicSchool Free version


Every signup allows a 14-day free trial of the Plus plan.


  • Limited tool usage in the free version
  • No mobile apps available
  • Integration options are currently limited to Google Classroom and Microsoft Word


  • Data privacy is a critical concern, but the platform adheres to FERPA and state laws.
  • The learning curve for some AI tools might be steep for less tech-savvy educators.
  • Compatibility issues could arise with certain school IT infrastructures.

Potential Future Developments

Adding mobile applications for iOS and Android could enhance accessibility for educators on the go. Expanding integrations to include other learning management systems like Canvas and Schoology would provide more flexibility. Additional AI tools focusing on student feedback and peer collaboration could further support classroom dynamics.

MagicSchool transforms the way teachers manage their classrooms, making everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

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