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Narrato: AI Content Creation and Collaboration

Narrato AI content creation platform


Narrato is a comprehensive AI Content Creation and Collaboration Platform, designed to streamline and automate the processes involved in ideation, creation, optimization, and publication of content. This robust platform integrates an AI assistant that aids in crafting high-performing content swiftly, along with collaboration tools for a seamless workflow. The platform is designed to accommodate the needs of diverse users, from content marketing teams and agencies to website owners and developers.

Features & Benefits

Narrato comes equipped with a wide range of features designed to address various facets of content creation and management:

  • AI Content Assistant: Narrato’s AI assistant offers hundreds of templates for creating content. It also aids in the generation of content briefs, complete with SEO suggestions, and improves content for readability, engagement, and grammar.
  • Content Workflow Management: The platform provides tools for planning, creating, optimizing, and publishing content. It also allows for task assignments and organization through folders, calendars, and boards, thereby speeding up content production.
  • Team Management and Collaboration: Narrato enables seamless collaboration with both internal teams and freelancers. Users can create custom workflows and content templates, and streamline all communication on a single platform.
  • Content Planning: Narrato provides tools for generating content ideas and briefs, organizing schedules, researching keywords and competition, and maintaining style guides and brand assets.
  • SEO Content Briefs: Users can create automatic SEO content briefs, providing writers with top keywords, target length, questions/topics to address, and other SEO recommendations.
  • Content Workflow & Project Management: Narrato allows for content workflow automation, custom workflows linked to projects, task assignments and tracking, and content organization.
  • Images and Graphics: Narrato provides tools for generating AI images and downloading free images and graphics, along with design tools for graphics.
  • Custom Content Templates: Narrato provides the option to create custom content templates, ensuring consistency in content format.
  • Content Publishing: Users can publish or save content directly to WordPress or social media channels, or through API and Zapier to any CMS.
  • Content Team Management: Narrato allows for the creation and management of teams of writers and creators with custom roles, payment management, and control of access to features.
  • Content Collaboration: Narrato facilitates seamless collaboration with in-line comments, @mentions, content approvals, and public link sharing.
  • Content Marketplace: Users can hire expert content writers, enjoy quick turnarounds and unlimited revisions, and pay only for content they like.

These features greatly benefit users by simplifying the content creation process, improving the quality of content, and speeding up content production.


Real-world applications

Narrato is a versatile tool used by a variety of users:

  • Content marketing teams use Narrato to create content and collaborate effectively, driving results with content marketing and product-led growth.
  • Marketing and content agencies leverage Narrato to bring their entire team together, linking content creators, managers, and clients through one seamless workflow.
  • Content publishers like blogs and magazines use Narrato to manage large teams of writers and editors, creating and maintaining their content with full control.
  • Website developers and owners use Narrato to gather content from clients or copywriters, streamline content production, and optimize content for the web.

Pricing & Discount

Narrato offers different pricing tiers, each designed to cater to different user needs:

Pricing TierCost per MonthKey Features
Pro$455 user seats, Unlimited projects & content items, AI Writing – 250000 chars/month, AI Images – 100 images/month, SEO content briefs – 50 briefs/month
Business$95Everything in Pro, plus Workflow Automations, Publishing, API & Zapier, AI Writing – Unlimited, AI Images – Unlimited, SEO content briefs – 125 briefs/month
CustomVariesUnlimited user plans, Small agency plans, Flat pricing plans, Other custom plans


While Narrato offers a comprehensive suite of features for content creation and collaboration, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Learning Curve: The initial learning curve may be steep for users who are unfamiliar with AI-powered content creation platforms. Some users may require time to adapt to the various features and functionalities offered by Narrato.
  • Integration Compatibility: While Narrato provides integrations with popular graphic design tools and publishing platforms, there might be compatibility issues with certain tools or CMSs. Users should ensure compatibility before relying on specific integrations.
  • Internet Connection: As Narrato is a cloud-based platform, users are dependent on a stable internet connection for seamless access and collaboration. Unreliable or slow internet connections may affect the user experience.

These limitations should be considered while evaluating Narrato for specific use cases.


When considering a tool like Narrato, users may have some concerns related to privacy, usability, and compatibility. Here are a few potential concerns and factors to consider:

  • Data Privacy: Users may have concerns about the privacy and security of their content and data when using an AI-powered platform. It is advisable to review Narrato’s privacy policy and terms of service to understand how user data is handled and protected.
  • Usability: While Narrato offers a comprehensive set of features, the platform’s usability may vary depending on individual user preferences and requirements. Users should explore the platform’s interface and features to ensure they align with their workflow and content creation needs.
  • Compatibility with Existing Workflows: Organizations or individuals with established content creation workflows and tools may have concerns about integrating Narrato into their existing processes. It is recommended to evaluate the platform’s compatibility with existing tools and workflows before making a decision.
  • Learning Curve for AI Features: The AI-powered features of Narrato may require users to adapt to new ways of content creation and optimization. Users should consider the learning curve and the time required to fully leverage the AI capabilities of the platform.

By considering these concerns and evaluating them against individual requirements, users can make informed decisions about using Narrato.

Potential Future Developments

Based on its current trajectory, Narrato might further enhance its AI capabilities to provide more sophisticated content suggestions and optimizations. It might also expand its integration capabilities to include more tools and platforms, and introduce more advanced project management features to better cater to users with complex workflow needs.

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