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Zigpoll: Customer Feedback Management

Zigpoll AI customer feedback


Zigpoll is a customer feedback management tool designed to facilitate on-site surveys. It offers flexible questioning options, automated insights through AI, and real-time trend analysis to help businesses make data-driven decisions. The platform includes branching logic in surveys, rewards for customers’ participation, and various charts for data reporting. Zigpoll’s services can be accessed via web application, integrating with third-party services to offer survey distribution through email, SMS, or directly on a website.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Question Formats: Engage customers with different types of questions to capture comprehensive feedback.
  • Branching Logic: Tailor survey paths based on previous answers to gather precise data.
  • Incentives for Participation: Boost response rates by offering rewards for survey completion.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Review and analyze customer feedback through easy-to-understand visuals and charts.
  • Advanced Targeting Rules: Deliver surveys based on specific criteria to maximize relevance and timing.
  • Third-party Integrations: Extend functionality by connecting with other services for broader data collection.
  • Translatable Surveys: Reach a global audience with surveys in their local language.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Receive processed feedback and trends, thanks to an AI model trained on your data.

Real-world applications

Zigpoll is versatile, aiding sectors like retail, e-commerce, hospitality, and service industries by optimizing customer experience and product offerings. Marketers can leverage Zigpoll for campaign feedback, while product developers can use it to refine new releases. Customer service departments might use Zigpoll to gauge satisfaction post-interaction, and HR teams could implement it for employee feedback. With real-time insights, businesses can swiftly respond to consumer trends and behaviors.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceResponsesEmails/MonthTeam MembersOther Features
LiteFree1001Basic Features
Basic$10/mo2001,0002Plus Installation Support
Standard$25/mo5002,5004Plus Brand Removal
Plus$50/mo1,0005,0008Plus Copywriting Support
Pro$100/moUnlimited10,00020Plus 24hr Support

Discounts are not detailed; interested users can contact Zigpoll for any ongoing promotions.


Zigpoll may not be suitable for extremely large enterprises requiring more than 10,000 email sends per month or needing advanced analytics. Its free plan may be too restrictive for more than a solo user or those needing more responses.


Data privacy is crucial, and users must ensure their customer data is handled in compliance with privacy regulations. Some users may find initial setup and integration with existing workflows challenging. The tool’s compatibility with all web platforms should be verified.

Potential Future Developments

Future upgrades may include advanced analytical tools, larger-scale operations capacity, or enhanced customization. As user demand increases, integration with a broader range of third-party tools could be expected, as well as the implementation of deeper machine learning capabilities to refine insights.

How to Use Zigpoll

To use Zigpoll:

  1. Set Up a Survey: Choose a survey template or create custom questions.
  2. Customize Targeting: Set rules for who sees the survey and when.
  3. Distribute: Share your survey via email, SMS, or on-site widgets.
  4. Analyze Feedback: Use the dashboard to view results and gain insights.

Best Practices for Zigpoll

  • Pre-Survey Goal Setting: Define what you want to learn from your surveys.
  • Question Clarity: Ensure questions are clear and concise for better quality responses.
  • Timely Engagement: Use targeting rules to reach customers at optimal times.
  • Follow-Up Actions: Implement changes based on customer feedback to demonstrate responsiveness.

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