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tinyAlbert: Shopify AI Marketing Manager


tinyAlbert is an AI marketing manager designed to enhance Shopify stores. It automates email marketing to boost sales and revenue with minimal effort from the store owner. By creating and sending personalized emails, managing complex automations, and capturing emails through forms and popups, tinyAlbert streamlines marketing tasks efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated Email Marketing: Generates and sends personalized emails, including abandon cart, thank-you, welcome, and weekly newsletter emails.
  • Brand-Tailored Templates: Creates master templates reflecting your brand’s voice and style without needing design or coding skills.
  • One-Click Automations: Enables complex email marketing automations with a simple toggle, saving hours of manual work.
  • Upcoming Automations: Plans to include automations for trending products, Instagram boosts, holiday promos, and more.
  • Email Capture: Automatically inserts email capture forms and popups on your Shopify store to grow your contact list.


  • Web app

tinyAlbert Tasks

  • Generate and send personalized email marketing messages
  • Create brand-tailored email templates
  • Automate complex email marketing tasks
  • Capture emails with forms and popups on Shopify stores


  • Shopify

Real-world applications

tinyAlbert is like having a marketing wizard at your fingertips. Imagine launching a holiday sale and, with just a few clicks, tinyAlbert rolls out the entire email campaign for you, from festive promos to thank-you notes, while you focus on fulfilling orders. It’s like your store is on autopilot, charming customers and making sales even as you sleep. tinyAlbert could even draft an email to Santa, asking him to share your holiday deals with his naughty and nice list, boosting your holiday sales through the roof!

Who is tinyAlbert for

  • Shopify store owners
  • Solopreneurs and small teams
  • Marketing managers
  • Business owners with limited time, budget, or marketing knowhow

Pricing & Discount

Plan RangeContactsPrice Range
100 – 1,000,000Unlimited messages for up to contacts$3 – $6,276 / month

tinyAlbert Free version – Not available


  • Exclusively for Shopify platforms.
  • Pricing can escalate with the number of contacts.


  • Data privacy and security.
  • Dependency on automated content might limit customization.
  • Learning curve for optimizing advanced features.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with other e-commerce platforms beyond Shopify.
  • Enhanced AI for more personalized customer engagement.
  • Expansion of automation features to include social media marketing.

Grow your Shopify store effortlessly with tinyAlbert, your AI-powered email marketing manager. Start automating your marketing today and watch your sales soar!

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