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Sonoteller: AI Music Analysis Engine

Sonoteller music analysis AI


Sonoteller is a groundbreaking AI engine designed for analyzing and organizing music. This tool listens to music files and provides detailed insights, such as lyrics analysis, music properties, song summaries, language detection, explicit content identification, genre categorization, instrumental identification, and mood analysis. Sonoteller is accessible as a web application and offers a dedicated API, catering to music enthusiasts and industry professionals for efficient music catalog management and enhancement of music discovery across various platforms.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Song Analysis: Provides a detailed summary of songs, including lyrics and music properties.
  • Language Recognition & Explicit Content Flagging: Identifies the language of a song and flags explicit content.
  • Genre and Subgenre Identification: Classifies music into main genres and subgenres.
  • Instrument and Mood Detection: Detects the main instruments played and the mood of the music.
  • Automatic Tagging: Facilitates automatic tagging for easy organization and discovery.
  • Enhanced Search and Recommendations: Improves search capabilities and playlist creation on Digital Service Providers (DSPs).
  • Audience Profiling Assistance: Aids in understanding listener preferences and profiles.

Sonoteller Tasks

  • Song summary generation
  • Language detection in songs
  • Explicit content identification
  • Music genre and subgenre classification
  • Instrument identification
  • Mood analysis of music

Sonoteller Integrations

  • YouTube (for demo purposes)
  • API integration for music catalog management
  • CSV or Excel file outputs for no-code solutions
  • Customizable tagging for specific taxonomies

Real-world Applications

Although Sonoteller is not an AI tool for music creation, it brings unique benefits across the music industry.. It aids in cataloging and organizing large music libraries, making it a crucial tool for music streaming services, radio stations, and DJs. Music producers and record labels can utilize its analysis for market research and to understand trends. Educational institutions focusing on music and linguistics can benefit from its detailed analysis for academic purposes. Content creators and marketers in the music industry can leverage Sonoteller to curate and recommend music more effectively. Additionally, music enthusiasts can explore and understand their music preferences better, enhancing their listening experience.

Who is Sonoteller for

  • Music Streaming Services
  • Radio Stations
  • DJs
  • Music Producers
  • Record Labels
  • Educational Institutions
  • Content Creators
  • Music Marketers
  • Music Enthusiasts

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/MonthAPI Requests/MonthAdditional RequestsFeatures
Basic$0.0010Sections Analysis, Music & Lyrics Analysis, 1000 requests/hr limit
Pro$7.9550$0.18 eachAll in Basic, Direct Support, Google Drive Folder, 10 reqs/min
Ultra$69.95500$0.18 eachAll in Pro
Mega$599.955,000$0.13 eachAll in Ultra

Sonoteller Free version



  • Limited free requests per month.
  • Dependency on external platforms (like YouTube) for some functionalities.
  • Possible inaccuracies in genre or mood detection due to subjective nature.


Users might have concerns regarding:

  • Accuracy and reliability of the AI’s analysis.
  • Compatibility with different music file formats.

Potential Future Developments

SONOTELLER may evolve to include:

  • Improved accuracy with deeper learning algorithms.
  • Integration with more DSPs and music platforms.
  • Enhanced user interface for easier navigation and usage.
  • Advanced features like predictive analytics for music trends.

Explore SONOTELLER for a deeper understanding and organization of your music.

Dive into the world of music analysis and see how your favorite songs are composed and categorized.

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