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Melody ML: AI Stem Splitter


Melody ML is a music splitter AI tool designed to separate music tracks into individual components such as vocals, drums, bass, and more. Utilizing machine learning, specifically the Demucs model, it allows users to convert songs into distinct elements for further creative use.

Features & Benefits

  • Track Separation: Split music tracks into vocals, drums, bass, and other components.
  • Multiple Audio Formats Supported: Upload files in MP3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG/Vorbis formats.
  • Convenient File Handling: Processed files are available for download for up to one month.
  • Affordable Pricing: Each song costs $0.50 after two free songs.


Web app


  • Separate music tracks into vocals, drums, bass, and other components.



Real-world Applications

Musicians and producers often need to isolate specific elements of a track for remixing or sampling. With Melody ML, this process is simplified, allowing them to focus on creativity rather than technical details. For instance, a DJ preparing for a live set can quickly extract the vocals from a popular song to create a unique mashup. Similarly, a music teacher can separate the instrumental and vocal parts to provide clearer examples for students. Imagine creating a karaoke version of your favorite song effortlessly for your next party.

Who is Melody ML for

  • Musicians
  • Music Producers
  • DJs
  • Music Teachers
  • Anyone needing to isolate music components

Pricing & Discount

Number of SongsCost
10 songs$5 USD
20 songs$10 USD
50 songs$20 USD

Melody ML Free version

Not available


  • Maximum file size: 100MB
  • Maximum song length: 10 minutes


  • Data Privacy: Users are responsible for the copyright and legal implications of their uploads.
  • Usability: The AI tool is straightforward, but understanding the legal responsibilities might require attention.
  • Compatibility: Supports common audio formats but has size and length restrictions.
  • Cost: While affordable, frequent use might become costly over time.
  • Learning Curve: Minimal, but users must manage their files within the 1-month download window.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanded File Size Limits: Allow larger files for professional use.
  • Extended Download Periods: Increase the time files are available for download.
  • More Detailed Separation Options: Allow finer control over the separation process, such as isolating additional instruments or sounds.

Unlock the full potential of your music with Melody ML by separating tracks and exploring new creative possibilities effortlessly.

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