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Udio: AI Music Generator


Udio is an AI music generator web app that transforms text prompts into music tracks. The AI tool is in beta and it’s optimized for desktop. Users specify what they want through descriptions including genre and mood, and Udio converts these into professional-quality audio.

Features & Benefits

  • Text-based Music Creation: Input text to generate music tracks.
  • Customizable Prompts: Fine-tune music outputs using tags and artist styles.
  • Multiple Outputs: Generates several versions of a track for selection.
  • Prompt Suggestions: Enhance creativity with tag suggestions and auto-completions.
  • Manual Mode: Offers direct control over the music generation process.
  • Extension Mode: Extend tracks to create longer compositions.
  • Remixing Capability: Modify existing tracks to produce variations.
  • Multilingual Lyrics Support: Generate tracks in various languages.

Udio Platforms

Web app

Udio Tasks

  • Generate music from text
  • Customize music using genre, mood, and instrument tags
  • Extend music tracks for longer compositions
  • Remix music tracks for varied versions
  • Support for multilingual lyrics

Udio Integrations


Real-world applications

Udio aids aspiring musicians and content creators with rapid, tailored music production. YouTube vloggers can generate unique soundtracks that match their video themes, enhancing viewer engagement.

Businesses can craft custom jingles for promotional content, reducing costs associated with traditional music production. Educators can use the AI music generator to show music composition in real-time, making learning interactive and engaging.

For a unique twist, consider a chef using Udio to create a playlist where each track reflects the cuisine’s country of origin, providing an auditory taste alongside the dishes. Bold for the humor!

Who is Udio for

  • Content creators
  • Musicians
  • Music educators
  • Businesses

Pricing & Discount

PlanSongs per MonthCost
Beta ProgramUp to 1200Free

Udio Free version ✅

Available during beta only


  • Limited to desktop for optimal experience.
  • Outputs are 30-second clips, requiring extensions for longer tracks.
  • Instrumental mode and custom lyrics may not always be accurate.


  • The complexity of use may vary based on the user’s familiarity with musical terminology.
  • Integration with professional music production workflows could be challenging.

Potential Future Developments

Future additions could include:

  • Mobile app development for increased accessibility.
  • Enhanced voice mimicry capabilities for more realistic vocal tracks.
  • Advanced AI algorithms for better musical harmony and rhythm.

Discover how an AI music generator can transform your creative ideas into music.

Try Udio today and make your AI music for free!

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