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Mubert: AI Generative Music Creation


Mubert is a platform designed to intersect technology and creativity, providing tools for AI-generated music. Its services cater to a variety of users, from content creators and artists to developers and brands. Mubert harnesses the power of AI to deliver music that is tailored to the specific needs of a project, whether it be for videos, podcasts, apps, or even live streams. It operates across different applications, indicating its availability as a web app, mobile app, and also as a browser extension.

Features & Benefits

  • Mubert Render: Instant soundtrack creation for content with adjustable mood, duration, and tempo.
  • Benefit: Enables content creators to produce unique, royalty-free music efficiently, enhancing their content’s appeal.
  • Mubert Studio: A collaborative platform for artists to monetize unused musical pieces.
  • Benefit: Provides musicians with an income stream and the opportunity to amplify their work’s reach.
  • Mubert Extension: A tool for creating music within Adobe After Effects or Premiere.
  • Benefit: Streamlines the workflow for video producers by integrating music generation into their editing software.
  • Mubert API: Offers personalized music solutions for products and businesses.
  • Benefit: Helps brands enhance their user experience with custom audio branding.
  • Mubert Play: Delivers an evolving music experience for various moods and activities.
  • Benefit: Offers an endless stream of new music for personal enjoyment or public settings.

Real-world Applications

Mubert’s AI-generated music can be a significant asset across multiple industries. Content creators in digital media can leverage Mubert to enhance their videos and podcasts, while game developers can utilize it to create dynamic in-game audio landscapes. In retail and hospitality, Mubert can provide an ambient backdrop, creating a tailored audio environment for clients. Educational technology can incorporate Mubert for creating engaging learning materials, and fitness apps can use the platform to energize workouts with custom beats. Additionally, marketing agencies may find Mubert’s offerings useful for creating unique audio identities for brands.

Pricing & Discount

PlanSubscription TypePrice/MonthBilled AnnuallyTracks/MonthUse Case
AmbassadorFree25MP3 with attribution
CreatorMonthly/Annual$11.69*Yes500Social and NFTs
ProMonthly/Annual$32.49*Yes500Commercial use
BusinessMonthly/Annual$149.29*Yes1000Agencies and apps

Discounts are available for annual commitments, providing savings equivalent to 2-3 months of the monthly subscription price.


While Mubert opens up new avenues in music creation, it may not cater to those seeking highly specialized or genre-specific music produced by human composers. The platform may also be less suitable for projects that require exclusive music rights, as AI-generated music often involves shared elements from a database.


Users might have concerns regarding the uniqueness and copyright status of AI-generated music. Mubert ensures royalty-free usage, yet it’s important for users to understand the terms, especially regarding the prohibition of registering tracks under any Content ID systems. Compatibility with specific software and the intuitiveness of the user interface may also be areas users will scrutinize.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Mubert could include advanced personalization features, allowing deeper customization of tracks. Integration with additional software and platforms is also a possibility, expanding its usability. As AI technology evolves, we can expect Mubert to offer even more refined music generation, with improvements in emulating human-like composition nuances.

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