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Osum: Business Analysis and Market Research Tool

Osum market research AI


Osum is a comprehensive tool designed for business analysis and market research. It aims to significantly reduce research time, transforming weeks of work into mere seconds. This web-based platform is tailored for professionals who need quick and reliable insights into various businesses, products, and market trends.

Features & Benefits

  • SWOT Analysis: Osum provides a detailed SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis for any business or product. This feature is crucial for strategic planning, helping users increase ROI by leveraging internal and external factors.
  • Business Reports: Users can generate comprehensive business and product research reports. These reports encompass all aspects from design to utility, aiding in the development of effective strategies.
  • Market Opportunities: The tool helps in uncovering new market opportunities. It identifies potential areas for expansion and unique selling propositions, contributing to significant increases in marketing-generated revenue.
  • Buyer Personas: Osum assists in understanding buyer personas, including demographics and interests. This is essential for companies to tailor their strategies and offerings to their target audience.

Osum Tasks

  • SWOT analysis for businesses and products.
  • In-depth business and product research report generation.
  • Exploration of new market opportunities.
  • Comprehensive analysis of buyer personas.

Real-world applications

Osum is beneficial across various industries, aiding in market analysis, strategic planning, and decision-making. Its capabilities are particularly useful for investors, entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners who seek to understand market dynamics, assess new products, and identify emerging trends. Osum’s insights are valuable for anyone looking to make informed decisions in a fast-paced market environment.

Who is Osum for

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Marketers
  • Professionals in Market Research

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/MonthUsersProjects/MonthWorkspaces/MonthPredictive Surveys/MonthFeatures
Pro$74.99Up to 1331530Basic business analysis features
Expert$149.99Up to 3994575Advanced analysis features
Business$374.99Up to 301575120Comprehensive analysis features
  • Note: Flexible plans with adjustable levels are available. Annual payment offers a 33% discount.

Osum Free version

Not available


Osum might not cater to businesses looking for highly specialized industry-specific tools. Its generalist approach, while comprehensive, might not delve into the nuances required in certain sectors.


Users might have concerns regarding the accuracy and relevance of automated market research. Data privacy is another potential issue, especially in handling sensitive business information. Additionally, the ease of use and compatibility with existing workflows might be a concern for some users.

Potential Future Developments

Osum could evolve by integrating more industry-specific features, enhancing its data privacy protocols, and improving user interface for better usability. Integration with other business tools and platforms might also be a possible future development.

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