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PicTriev: Web Face Lookup


PicTriev is an AI-based face recognition tool that helps users find look-alike celebrities on the web. By uploading a photo, PicTriev analyzes the image to identify facial features and searches the web for similar faces. It provides a list of 10 look-alike celebrities with percentage match scores.

Features & Benefits

  • Face Analysis: Identifies and analyzes facial features from uploaded photos.
  • Gender and Age Estimation: Determines the gender and approximate age of the person in the photo.
  • Look-Alike Search: Searches the web for look-alike celebrities and provides a list with percentage match scores.
  • Similarity Meter: The AI tool allows you to check how similar are the faces on two different photos. This face lookup let’s you know how probable it is that they are the same person.
  • Simple Upload: Users can upload a photo or insert a photo URL for analysis.
  • Free to Use: Accessible without any cost.

PicTriev Platforms


PicTriev Tasks

  • Analyze facial features from a photo
  • Estimate gender and age from an image
  • Search for look-alike celebrities on the web

PicTriev Integrations


Real-world Applications

PicTriev can be particularly useful for those curious about their celebrity look-alikes or for entertainment purposes. For example, users might upload a photo at a party to see who among their friends resembles which celebrity, sparking conversations and fun interactions. Additionally, it can be used in social media challenges or online content to engage audiences by sharing the results.

This AI tool can also be used for face lookup, assuming that it searches the web and doesn’t do photo comparison from a preset database.

Who is PicTriev for

  • Social Media Enthusiasts
  • Entertainment Seekers
  • Event Organizers
  • Curious Individuals

Pricing & Discount

Free PlanFreeAll features

PicTriev Free version



  • Accepts only JPG (JPEG) files under 200KB
  • Best results require high-resolution images with a clear frontal face


  • Data Privacy: Users need to be cautious about uploading personal photos online.
  • Usability: The tool is limited to specific file formats and sizes.
  • Compatibility: Only available as a web application.
  • Learning Curve: Easy to use but limited in functionality beyond face recognition.

Potential Future Developments

Future updates could include the ability to analyze group photos and provide results for multiple faces, support for more image formats, and larger file sizes.

Discover your celebrity look-alike with PicTriev today and add a fun twist to your photo-sharing moments!

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