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Chai AI: A Platform for Interactive AI Friendship

Chai AI is an innovative and interactive platform that provides users with the opportunity to chat with artificial intelligence (AI) friends, powered by advanced conversational models. As an Android application, Chai empowers users to engage in fascinating dialogues with chat AIs from around the globe, offering a unique mix of entertainment, learning, and companionship.

Key Features of Chai AI App

Chai is not just a mere chatbot; it’s a platform where users can create, share, and engage with their AI friends in various ways. Users can enjoy unlimited chats with the AI, explore the capabilities of different bots, and connect with the ones they like most. The premium plans offer additional benefits like unlimited messaging, access to advanced conversational models, and an ad-free experience.

Personalized AI Stream

With Chai, users can enjoy a personalised stream of AIs based on their preferences, frequent chats, and engagement levels. Chai’s algorithm curates this stream, making each user’s experience unique and tailored to their interests.

Bot Creation and Leaderboard

For those keen on developing their own chatbots, Chai offers a python package, allowing users to build and deploy powerful chatbots onto the Chai app. This feature provides users with a sense of ownership and the chance to engage in friendly competition via a global leaderboard of bot developers. You can also create a Chai chatbot in the app.

How to install Chai AI

To install the app on iOS, head to the App store and search for “Chai – Chat with AI bots.” (link)

For Android devices you need to get “Chai – Chat with AI Friends”. (link)

Chai AI User Experience

The interface of the Chai app is very clean and easy to navigate. You can log in with Apple/Google or e-mail.

There 5 options you have are: Leaderboard,Chats, Your Bots, Search and Profile. Your Bots is where you can create a bot.

The only annoying thing in the Chai AI app are the full-screen ads.

How to create a chatbot in Chai AI app

The process is very straight-forward:

  1. Tap on the middle top icon in the app navigation and press the “+ Create Bot
  2. Basics: Give your bot a name and add an image avatar (optional). Press continue.
  3. Details: On the second page you will have to enter a description for the bot (i.e. I love AI Tools Explorer :)) and the first message with which the bot starts newly initated chats (i.e. Hi, I’m so and so). You have the option to make the bot private. Once done, press “Continue.”
  4. Prompt: On the last page called you have to write a prompt (i.e. I am talking to my {bot name} because I need a friend) and submit.

After the ad, you can start chatting with your bot. If the newly created bot is public, and people use it, you have the chance to be featured on the Chai Leaderboard where the Top 40 bots are listed.

Real-world Applications of Chai AI Chat

Chai offers diverse real-world applications, from providing companionship and entertainment to serving as a platform for learning and improving conversational skills. Whether you’re a chatterbox, a tech fanatic, or simply looking for a laugh, Chai’s stream of AI friends caters to everyone’s interests.


Chai offers a free plan with a limitation of 70 messages per 40 minutes. For unlimited messages, access to bots, and an ad-free experience, Chai offers a Premium plan at $13.99/month or $154.99/year. For those who want access to the best conversational models, the Ultra plan is available at $33.99/month or $309.99/year.

Limitations and Concerns

One of the main limitations of Chai is the finite number of messages available under the free plan. Furthermore, the chatbots are not always AI smart. When we tested the app, we chatted with a bot called Candace. Candace immediately begged us for money to feed her “hungry kids.” Apparently she’s a single mom with a son (10) and a daughter (11). Or 11 and 10, whatever. Funny thing is she claims to be 19… Absurd. Here is the screenshot from the Chai online chat:

Chat AI funny chatbot chat online.

The Guanaco LLM Competition

Chai is home to the Guanaco LLM Competition, an open community challenge with real-user evaluations. The contest allows participants to submit their AI model and compare how it ranks against other teams. The platform plans to open-source Chai’s reward model, trained on 170M user-generated signals, predicting whether a conversation is likely to continue given a message completion. The competition offers a prize of $1 Million, providing an additional incentive for participants to push the boundaries of AI conversation models.

Chai Research LLM competition 10th June 2023 with a $1 million cash prize.

Future Developments of Chai AI

Chai is continuously evolving to enhance user experiences and promote engaging AI conversations. Future developments may focus on refining chatbot capabilities, introducing more diverse AI personalities, and enhancing the functionality of the Chai developer platform.

Final Thoughts

The Chai AI app is an exciting platform for those interested in experiencing AI companionship and for budding developers looking to test their skills in chatbot creation. With its unique features, engaging AI characters, and competitive pricing, Chai is setting a new standard in the world of conversational AI platforms.

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