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ElevenLabs: Generative Voice AI

ElevenLabs AI Voice platform


ElevenLabs emerges as a versatile generative voice AI platform, encompassing a wide array of services like text-to-speech, voice cloning, speech-to-speech conversion, and an extensive voice library. This platform is adept at creating natural AI voices in various languages, serving a multitude of industries and individual creators. Accessible primarily as a web application, it facilitates online voice generation and manipulation.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural Text to Speech: Implements AI for producing audio in any voice/language, imitating human speech nuances.
  • AI Speech to Speech Converter: Transforms voices into different characters, maintaining emotional and nuanced speech quality.
  • Dubbing: ElevenLabs offers dubbing capabilities, allowing users to automatically convert content from one language to another while maintaining natural voice quality. This feature is particularly useful in media and entertainment for localizing content across different regions.
  • Long-form Voice Generation: Ideal for audiobooks, long videos, and web content, offering creative control.
  • Voice Cloning: Allows creation of digital voice clones for tailored audio content.
  • Voice Library: A broad collection of voices in numerous languages for diverse uses.
  • AI Voice & Text to Speech API: Powerful API for integrating voice capabilities into a variety of platforms.
  • Multilingual Support: Voice generation in 29 languages, appealing to a global user base.

ElevenLabs Tasks

  • Creating voice-overs for videos and podcasts
  • Generating character voices in games
  • Producing audiobooks from text
  • Designing AI chatbots with lifelike voices
  • ASMR content creation
  • Speech to speech voice transformation

ElevenLabs Integrations

  • API integration suggests compatibility with various applications and systems.

Real-world applications

ElevenLabs is beneficial in several sectors:

  • Content Creation: Enhancing video and podcast content with realistic voice-overs.
  • Gaming: Creating dynamic in-game dialogue and narration.
  • Publishing: Converting written material into audiobooks.
  • Business: Developing interactive AI chatbots for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Education: Making learning materials more accessible through audio.
  • Entertainment: Producing compelling content for platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Who is ElevenLabs for

  • Content Creators
  • Game Developers
  • Authors and Publishers
  • Businesses with IVR Systems
  • Educational Content Makers
  • Podcasters

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/forever10,000 characters/month, 3 custom voices
Starter$5/month30,000 characters/month, 10 custom voices
Creator$22/month100,000 characters/month, 30 custom voices
Independent Publisher$99/month500,000 characters/month, 160 custom voices
Growing Business$330/month2,000,000 characters/month, 660 custom voices
EnterpriseCustom PricingCustom quotas, priority rendering

ElevenLabs Free version



  • Limited monthly characters in lower-tier plans.
  • Voice cloning and speech-to-speech conversion may require technical know-how.
  • Cannot completely replace the emotional depth and subtlety of human voice actors.


  • Data Privacy: Questions around the handling of user data and voice recordings.
  • Usability: Potential complexity for users without a technical background.
  • Compatibility: Integration with certain platforms or use-cases may need technical adjustments.

Potential Future Developments

  • Advanced emotional intelligence in voice outputs.
  • Broader language and dialect selection.
  • Enhanced integration capabilities with digital platforms.

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