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ThinkAny: AI Search Engine


ThinkAny is an AI search engine that uses Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology to enhance search functionality. This AI app not only fetches accurate and relevant information but also uses intelligent algorithms to generate answers to user queries. It offers you more than 10 large language models such as GPT4, Claude 3, Llama, Mixtral and Gemini to assist with your search queries. Think of it as Perplexity AI with a much simpler interface.

Features & Benefits

  • Resources to scan: So you can fine-tune the AI search. The options are:
    • All: For searching the entire internet.
    • Wikipedia (paid)
    • X or Twitter (paid)
    • Github (paid)
  • Multimodal AI Search: The tool offers 4 different options to question the AI.
    • Chat: You interact with AnyThink as you would with ChatGPT, Perplexity or Copilot.
    • Outline: The user is presented with a detailed outline article which makes the answer easier to understand.
    • MindMap: The mindmpap generator is our favorite feature. The AI search engine generates a detailed chart tree breaking down the subject.
    • Timelines: This paid feature will generate a timeline according to the search query. Let’s say you’ve searched for the “history of AI.” The AI will search the web and generate a timeline with the most imporatant events and stages in the development of AI.
  • RAG: ThinkAny uses RAG technology which allows for efficient retrieval and aggregation of high-quality, relevant content.

What is RAG?

Imagine you have a huge pile of your favorite comic books. If someone asked you a question about a story in one of them, you’d start by figuring out which comic book might have the answer, then you’d open it up to find exactly where the story talks about it. That’s a bit like what RAG technology does!

RAG, or Retrieval Augmented Generation, is like a super smart helper in a library full of books (which in this case are pieces of information). First, it picks out the best books that might have the answer to a question. Then, it reads through those selected books really fast and makes up a clear, easy answer from what it finds, just like telling a story.

How is RAG Different from Traditional Search Methods?

Let’s think about playing a game of “I Spy” with just a simple flashlight in a big, dark room. If you’re using a regular flashlight (like traditional search methods), you might find lots of things, but it could take a long time to find exactly what you’re looking for because you can see only a little bit at a time.

Now, imagine if you had a magic flashlight that not only showed you where to look but could also tell you about what you’re seeing as you look at it. That magic flashlight is like RAG! It doesn’t just find things by shining light on them; it also explains them to you in a way that makes sense.

So, RAG helps you find and understand information much faster and better than the old way of searching, like having a magic flashlight in a game of “I Spy.”

ThinkAny Platforms

  • Web app

ThinkAny Tasks

  • Generate search results with AI
  • Generate mindmap on any subject
  • Ask follow up questions
  • Generate outline answers AI

ThinkAny Integrations

  • Large Language Models
    • DeepSeek-V2
    • ChatRWKV
    • Mixtral 8x7B
    • Llama 3 8B
    • Gemini 1.0pro
    • Claude 3 Haiku
    • GPT-3.5 Turbo
    • Mixtral 8x22Bpro
    • Llama 3 70Bpro
    • Gemini 1.5 Propro
    • Mistral Largepro
    • GPT-4 Turbopro
    • Claude 3 Opuspro
  • Platforms to search
    • Wikipedia
    • Github
    • Google
    • X / Twitter

Real-world applications

For students, ThinkAny is a boon for research, simplifying the collection of detailed information and generating well-rounded answers quickly. Businesses can use the AI search engine to enhance their market research capabilities, providing AI-driven insights from a plethora of data sources, which aids in making informed decisions.

Imagine a small business owner exploring market trends with the AI tool. They could quickly understand emerging patterns, like discovering the next popular product or service trend, thanks to ThinkAny’s aggregated insights from various sources.

Who is ThinkAny for

  • Anyone
  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Business professionals
  • Marketers

Pricing & Discount

Free$0Limited usage, basic chat models
PRO$20/mo or $200/yrSpecific platform search, multiple chat models (GPT-4-Turbo, Claude 3 opus, etc.)

ThinkAny Free version



  • PRO plan (paid) is required for the feature to choose where to search and the premium AI models.
  • ThinkAny is Currently offered in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Geman and Arabic.


  • No contact info or support.
  • No FAQ with clearly defined guides features and limitations.

Potential Future Developments

Future improvements could include voice search capabilities and better natural language understanding. Also, integrating with academic databases and tools for generating citations would make it more appealing to academic users.

Explore a more efficient way to search with ThinkAny. Give it a try, we think you will like it.

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