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Magnific: AI Image Upscaler and Enhancer

Magnific AI image upscaler


Magnific is an AI-powered tool designed to upscale and enhance images with exceptional precision and creativity. It utilizes advanced Generative AI technology to transform any image into a higher-resolution version, adding intricate details as directed by the user. This tool supports various applications, from enhancing personal photos to professional graphic design and 3D renders, making it versatile for a wide range of users. Magnific is accessible as a web app, catering to both beginners and experienced creators.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced AI Upscaling: Magnific employs cutting-edge AI technology for upscaling images to higher resolutions, ensuring sharp and detailed results.
  • Detail Enhancement: Users can enhance images with added details, controlled through the ‘Creativity’ slider.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for creators at all skill levels, it offers an intuitive interface and in-depth tutorials.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a variety of uses, from upscaling portraits and illustrations to enhancing video game assets and architectural renders.
  • Customizable Settings: Control over aspects like ‘Creativity’, ‘HDR’, and ‘Resemblance’ sliders to fine-tune the results.
  • Natural Language Prompt: Users can guide the upscaling process using descriptive text prompts.
  • Secure Payment Processing: Financial transactions are securely handled by Stripe.

Magnific Tasks

  • Image Upscaling
  • Image detail enhancement.
  • Adding intricate details to illustrations and graphic designs.

Real-world Applications

Magnific is beneficial across various industries. Photographers and graphic designers can enhance image quality for commercial or artistic purposes. Digital artists and AI creators find it useful for adding resolution and detail to AI-generated images. In the realm of marketing, businesses use Magnific to polish images for promotional materials. Additionally, individuals interested in elevating personal photo projects or visual content for social media can significantly benefit from this tool’s capabilities.

Who is Magnific for

  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Artists
  • Marketing Professionals
  • AI Creators
  • Individual Enthusiasts

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price (2 months free)

Magnific Free version – Not available


  • Artifacts in Images: Sometimes, images may have artifacts, especially when ‘Creativity’ or ‘HDR’ values are set high.
  • No Refunds: Due to the costs associated with AI-driven processing, Magnific does not offer refunds.


  • Data Privacy: While Magnific assures secure operations, users might have concerns about data privacy, especially when uploading personal or sensitive images.
  • Usability: New users may need time to familiarize themselves with the various settings and controls for optimal results.
  • Compatibility: Users need to ensure compatibility with their specific image formats and requirements.

Potential Future Developments

Considering industry trends and user feedback, future enhancements could include:

  • Improved artifact reduction techniques.
  • Expansion of supported image formats and resolutions.
  • Enhanced user interface for even simpler operation.
  • Integration of AI models that specialize in specific types of images, like medical imaging or astrophotography.

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