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IMGlarger: AI Image Enlarger


IMGlarger is an AI tool allowing you to enhance and enlarge images. It increases image resolution without losing quality, making photos sharper, crisper, and cleaner with just one click.

Features & Benefits

  • Image Enlargement: Increase image resolution to 2k, 4k, and 8k without quality loss.
  • Detail Enhancement: Sharpen details for clearer and more vibrant images.
  • Automatic Optimization: Adjusts lighting, color, and contrast for optimal visual results.
  • Artifact Removal: Eliminates compression artifacts while preserving sharpness.
  • Batch Processing: Enhances multiple photos simultaneously to boost productivity.
  • Data Safety: Ensures all uploaded images are deleted within 24 hours for privacy.

IMGlarger Platforms

web, iOS, Android, Mac

IMGlarger Tasks

  • Enlarge images up to 8k
  • Sharpen and enhance photos
  • Remove noise and artifacts
  • Retouch facial features
  • Remove backgrounds
  • Colorize black and white images
  • Convert photos to cartoon style

IMGlarger Integrations


Additional AI Tools in IMGlarger

IMGlarger offers a suite of AI tools to enhance various aspects of your images. These tools use advanced AI algorithms to make photo editing easy and efficient, even for those with no technical skills.

  • AI Image Upscaler: Intelligently upscales images for stunning results, maintaining quality while increasing size.
  • AI Anime Upscaler: Specifically designed to enhance anime images, providing clear and detailed results.
  • AI Image Enhancer: Enhances image details, making them look clean and crisp.
  • AI Image Sharpener: Fixes blurry images, highlighting details for better visuals.
  • AI Face Retouch: Retouches facial features to enhance overall appearance, ideal for portraits and selfies.
  • AI Background Remover: Easily removes unwanted backgrounds from images, perfect for product photos and professional use.
  • AI Image Denoiser: Removes noise and grain from images, making them cleaner and clearer.
  • AI Cartoonizer: Converts portraits to cartoon styles, unlocking a creative and fun way to showcase photos.
  • AI Image Colorizer: Brings old black and white photos back to life by adding color.
  • AI Object Remover: Automatically removes unwanted objects from photos, improving composition and focus.

These tools provide a comprehensive AI-driven photo editing experience, enabling users to enhance, clean, and transform their images effortlessly.

Real-world Applications

IMGlarger is invaluable for photographers who need to enlarge images for printing without losing quality. Social media influencers can use it to enhance images for sharper, more engaging posts. Businesses can upscale product photos for better display on e-commerce platforms. It also benefits designers who need to clean up and enhance images for various projects.

Picture this: you have an old, blurry photo from a family vacation. With IMGlarger, you can upscale it to 8k, enhance the colors, and sharpen the details, making it look as vibrant and clear as the day it was taken.

Need a quick enhancement for your cat’s Instagram? IMGlarger can upscale those adorable moments to 8k, ensuring every whisker is in perfect focus.

Who is IMGlarger for

  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • E-commerce Businesses
  • General Users

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceCredits per MonthMax DimensionsBatch Processing

IMGlarger Free version



  • Maximum upload size of 10MB for images.
  • Free users limited to 1200×1200 dimensions.
  • No customization for image upscaling levels.


  • Data Privacy: Ensures images are deleted after 24 hours, but always a concern with online tools.
  • Usability: Simple interface but may require some adjustment for first-time users.
  • Compatibility: Limited to popular image formats like jpg and png.
  • Cost: Higher tiers may be expensive for casual users.
  • Learning Curve: Minimal, but users need to understand different AI tools and options available.

Potential Future Developments

  • Customizable Upscaling: Allowing users to choose specific levels of enhancement.
  • More File Formats: Supporting additional image formats.
  • Enhanced Mobile Apps: Improving functionality and user experience on mobile devices.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Adding more AI-driven photo editing capabilities like dynamic background replacement and advanced filters.

IMGlarger transforms your photos with a click, making even the simplest shots look professional. Whether you’re enhancing family photos, creating high-quality social media content, or prepping images for print, IMGlarger has got you covered.

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