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Stylar: AI Image Creation & Edit


Stylar is an AI-powered platform for generating and editing images. It provides tools for creating professional visuals, helping designers and creators produce high-quality graphics efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Photo Filter: Transforms portraits into cartoons while retaining photo details and characters using the style transfer tool.
  • Combine Images with AI: Merges different elements into one complete image, ensuring they match in style. This tool excels in image-to-image generation.
  • Generative Fill and Modify: Allows users to add and modify objects in images by typing commands, saving time compared to manual editing.
  • Remove Object from Photo: Effortlessly removes objects, watermarks, or people from images by marking them.
  • Remove Background from Image: Simplifies the process of cutting out photos, even for tricky parts like hair and fur. Easily change photo backgrounds.
  • AI Text Effects and Logo Maker: Adds texture to texts and logos, enhancing their visual impact.
  • Turn Sketch to Art: Converts drafts into detailed artwork, expanding creative possibilities.
  • AI Art Generator: Creates images from text descriptions, bringing conceptual visions to life.
  • Image to Prompt: Automatically generates prompts for images, simplifying the creative process.
  • Art Prompt Generator: Provides design suggestions through a chat interface, facilitating effortless prompt generation.
  • Style Library: Offers a diverse collection of design styles for inspiration and creative production.
  • Add Text to Image: Enriches images by adding text and titles to convey messages.
  • Upscale Your Images: Enhances image sharpness and clarity with high-resolution improvements.
  • AI Photo Enhancer: Improves image details, adding a realistic touch.
  • Auto Selection: Utilizes AI-powered tools to quickly select and manipulate objects within images.
  • 2D to 3D Conversion: Transforms 2D sketches into dynamic 3D characters, enhancing the creative process for animations and games.

Stylar Platforms

Web app

Stylar Tasks

  • Generate art from text
  • Merge images with AI
  • Add and modify objects in images
  • Remove objects and backgrounds from photos
  • Enhance and upscale images
  • Create text effects and logos
  • Transform sketches into art

Stylar Integrations


Real-world Applications

Educational materials: Teachers and educators can create engaging and visually appealing educational content. Stylar allows for the quick generation of illustrations, infographics, and customized diagrams to enhance learning materials.

Event planning: Event planners can use Stylar to design personalized invitations, posters, and other promotional materials for various events. The tool simplifies the process of creating themed visuals that match the event’s style and atmosphere.

Social media content: Social media managers can produce high-quality graphics and images to boost engagement. Stylar’s features help create eye-catching posts, stories, and advertisements tailored to different platforms.

Personal projects: Hobbyists and amateur artists can explore their creativity with Stylar. The platform offers AI tools to transform sketches into finished artwork, merge images, and add artistic effects to personal projects.

Blog and website visuals: Bloggers and web designers can enhance their content with custom visuals. Stylar helps in creating unique images, headers, and illustrations that improve the aesthetic appeal of blogs and websites.

For an imaginative use, consider employing Stylar to craft a whimsical, AI-enhanced family portrait that merges different art styles, creating a memorable piece of art for your home. If you feel devilish, you can even use a face swap tool 🙂

Who is Stylar for

  • Marketers
  • Designers
  • Game developers
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Interior designers

Pricing & Discount

Free$0Limited Trial Credits, Low Priority Queue, No Commercial Use
Standard$8/mo2,000 credits/month, Fast Queue, Watermark Removal, Unlimited Auto Prompt, High-res Export, Commercial Use
Professional$25/moAll in Standard plus: 6,000 credits/month, Unlimited Regular Queue
Business$50/moAll in Pro plus: 12,000 credits/month, Unlimited Auto Prompt, No Prompt Filtering, Early Access to Premium Features

Stylar Free version



  • Limited trial credits
  • Low priority queue for free users
  • No commercial use in free plan


  • Data privacy: Ensure data handling complies with privacy standards.
  • Usability: May have a learning curve for advanced features.
  • Compatibility: Limited integration with other platforms.
  • Cost: Premium plans might be expensive for some users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with popular design software: Enabling seamless workflow with tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Collaboration features: Adding tools for team projects to improve group efficiency.
  • AI-driven animation tools: Introducing features for creating animations from still images or sketches, expanding the tool’s usability for animators and video creators.

Create stunning visuals and enhance your design projects with the power of Stylar’s AI tools.

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