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Intently: AI-Driven Sales Intelligence

Intently Linkedin sales intelligence with AI


Intently is a sales intelligence platform that leverages AI algorithms to help businesses discover high-value prospects in the United States. The tool focuses on accelerating the sales cycle by identifying key accounts and decision-makers most likely to convert. Intently is an all-in-one data hub, accessible as a web app, offering extensive firmographic and demographic data sourced from platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and other undisclosed sources.

Features & Benefits

  • All-in-One Data Hub: Access a database with 500M people and 40M firmographic entries from multiple sources.
  • Natural Language Queries: Interact with the platform using natural language to fetch results that match your criteria.
  • Faster Sales Cycles: Achieve 30% faster sales cycles by gaining unique insights into potential customers’ behavior.
  • Intent-Driven Lists: Acquire lists of U.S.-based prospects and Fortune 1000 executives, ranked by their buying potential.
  • Automated Account Research: Intently’s AI identifies employees within target accounts who can facilitate deal closure.
  • Ready-to-Use Lead Lists: The platform generates actionable lead lists, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Deep Insights: Avail of comprehensive social profile analytics for your target audience.
  • Platform Integrations: Offers seamless integration with various CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and Lemlist.

How Intently Works

Understanding how to leverage Intently effectively can significantly impact your sales strategy. The platform’s operations can be boiled down into three main steps:

  1. Targeted Search: Users initiate the process by entering natural language search queries tailored to their ideal prospects or target accounts.
  2. Automated Analysis: Intently’s AI algorithms rapidly sift through extensive data, employing advanced data analysis to identify the most promising leads based on an array of behavioral and firmographic signals.
  3. Instant Insights: Finally, Intently delivers a curated, ranked list of profiles that meet your search criteria, all in real-time. These leads are not just high in quantity but are pre-qualified and ranked by their likelihood to convert, allowing you to focus immediately on high-value outreach.

Real-World Applications

Intently is useful across multiple industries that rely on outbound sales processes, especially where the sales cycle is complex and involves multiple decision-makers. These industries could range from SaaS & AIaaS to manufacturing and healthcare. Enterprises looking to break into new markets or expand within the U.S. would particularly benefit from the specialized data Intently offers. Additionally, businesses focused on B2B sales to Fortune 1000 companies can leverage Intently’s unique data sets for targeting high-value accounts.

The Advantages of Using Intently Over Manual Lead Generation

The modern sales landscape demands a more efficient, data-driven approach than traditional manual methods can offer. Intently presents several compelling advantages:

  • Speed and Scalability: While manual lead generation is often a slow, cumbersome process that involves switching between various platforms and performing repetitive data entry tasks, Intently offers a one-stop solution that can rapidly scale your sales operations.
  • Data Precision: Manual methods are prone to human error, from incorrect data entry to potentially biased prioritization of leads. Intently’s algorithms ensure that the leads you receive are accurate and ranked by real data metrics, mitigating the risk of mistakes.
  • Focused Outreach: Traditional methods usually lack the sophisticated data analysis needed to truly understand lead quality. Intently not only identifies potential customers but ranks them by their likelihood to convert, enabling a more targeted and effective outreach strategy.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceKey Features
FreeFreeUnlimited queries, Featured profiles
Starter$19/monthUnlimited search results, LinkedIn data
Growth$49+/monthAdvanced filtering, Account monitoring
EnterpriseCustomCustom data sources, Product customization


  • Market: Intently is specialized for the U.S. market, which could limit its applicability for businesses focusing on other geographies.
  • Compatibility: Integration is available with specific platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot, but the compatibility with other CRM systems is not clearly stated.

Potential Future Developments

Given the fast-paced evolution of AI and big data analytics, Intently may look towards enhancing its natural language processing capabilities for even more precise search results. Additionally, there could be an expansion to markets outside the U.S., and integration with a wider array of CRM systems might be on the horizon based on user demand.

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