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DuckDuckGo AI Chat: Conversational AI Search Tool


DuckDuckGo AI Chat is a free beta feature that enables anonymous AI search in the style of ChatGPT. Users are offered a choice of AI models from OpenAI and Anthropic. This AI tool allows users to ask questions, get assistance with tasks like writing emails, and engage in conversations without compromising their privacy. Unlike Duck Assist, which was the first AI feature brought to life by the privacy focused search engine, AI Chat does not offer AI generated result in the main search page. You can find such functionality in Brave with its AI Leo.

Features & Benefits

  • Anonymity and Privacy: Ensures user anonymity by not storing or recording chats and by anonymizing the metadata, including IP addresses.
  • Diverse AI Models: Offers access to different AI personalities, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo and Anthropic’s Claude 3 Haiku, providing varied responses.
  • No Personal Data Usage: Neither DuckDuckGo nor the model providers use your chat data to train their models, preserving the integrity of your personal information.
  • Data Deletion Protocol: Enforces a strict policy where all data received from chats is deleted within 30 days by the model providers.
  • Usage Limits: Includes a free daily usage limit to ensure fair access for all users.


  • Web app


  • Answer questions
  • Compose emails
  • Summarize texts
  • Engage in conversations

DuckDuckGo AI Chat Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Business professionals can utilize DuckDuckGo AI Chat for quickly drafting emails or summarizing long documents, reducing their workload. Students might use it to get explanations on complex topics or assistance with homework. Those looking to kill time or seek entertainment can engage in free, lighthearted conversations with the AI.

Imagine you’re trying to impress someone with your knowledge of quantum physics without actually knowing much about it. A quick, anonymous chat with DuckDuckGo AI can help you sound like a seasoned expert in no time.

Who is DuckDuckGo AI Chat for

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Casual Users
  • Privacy Advocates

Pricing & Discount

Since the AI Chat search tool is currently a free feature, there are no paid plans available at this time.

DuckDuckGo AI Chat Free version


DuckDuckGo AI Chat Limitations

  • Daily usage limit without the option to pay for more access.
  • No Source Links: Unlike Peprplexity and Bing’s Copilot, the AI Chat does not provide source links for information given, which might limit user trust in the answers.


  • Privacy Maintenance: Despite high privacy standards, users might still be cautious about inputting sensitive information.
  • Usage Limits: Users can face daily limits, especially when using VPNs or certain networks.

Potential Future Developments

Adding the capability to buy additional chat time or removing daily limits could enhance user experience. Introducing source links in chat responses would also increase transparency and trust.

DuckDuckGo AI Chat is a convenient, privacy-focused AI search tool for engaging with AI models in a secure environment.

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