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Ecrett Music: AI-Powered Royalty-Free Composition

Ecrett AI music generation


Ecrett Music is an AI-driven software that specializes in composing royalty-free music for content creators. It’s designed to simplify the music creation process, making it accessible even to those with no musical background. This innovative tool is ideal for a variety of projects, including games, monetized videos, podcasts, and advertisements. Ecrett Music stands out for its user-friendly interface and vast, ever-expanding library of music patterns.

Features & Benefits

  • Royalty-Free Music: Users can utilize the music for both personal and commercial projects without worrying about licensing fees.
  • Customization Options: Offers the ability to customize music based on scene, mood, and genre. Instruments and structure can be modified with ease.
  • User Interface: Simple and intuitive, requiring no prior musical knowledge.
  • Content Versatility: Suitable for various content types including games, videos, podcasts, and ads.
  • Vast Music Library: With over 500,000 patterns generated monthly, the diversity and choice are substantial.
  • AI-Driven Creation: Ecrett’s AI technology creates unique music every time, even with the same settings.
  • Management Tools: Features like Favorites, Download History, and Video Upload for review enhance user experience.
  • Accessibility: The software is available for both individuals and businesses, catering to a wide range of creators.

Real-world Applications

Ecrett Music is incredibly versatile, benefiting a wide range of industries. For instance, video game developers can use it to generate dynamic soundtracks. YouTube creators and podcasters can enhance their content with unique background music, while advertising agencies can tailor-make jingles and soundtracks for campaigns. It’s also beneficial for filmmakers needing specific moods or themes in their scores, and for digital marketers looking to add audio appeal to online content.

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual DiscountFeatures
Free$0.00Download previews, manage music, receive updates
Individual$7.9938% ($4.99/mo)Unlimited downloads, commercial use, YouTube monetization
Business$24.9940% ($14.99/mo)Same as Individual, license applies to the company

Ecrett Free version



  • Scope of Use: Designed specifically for content creation, not for standalone musical distribution.
  • Customization Depth: While customizable, it might not suffice for advanced musical needs requiring detailed composition.
  • Music Genre Range: The range of genres available might not cover extremely niche or specific musical tastes.


  • Data Privacy: As with any AI tool, users might have concerns about data privacy and how their usage data is handled.
  • Usability: First-time users might need time to familiarize themselves with the customization options.
  • Compatibility: The software’s compatibility with various content creation platforms and formats might be a consideration.

Potential Future Developments

Given its current trajectory, Ecrett Music may evolve to offer more advanced customization features, catering to professional music producers. Integration with video and podcast editing software could streamline the content creation process further. Additionally, expanding the range of genres and styles based on user feedback and trends in the music industry could be a potential development.

How to Use Ecrett Music

  1. Select & Create: Choose from Scene, Mood, and Genre options, then generate music.
  2. Customize: Adjust instruments and structure with a few clicks, even without musical expertise.
  3. Manage: Use tabs to manage favorites, download history, and match music to videos.

Best Practices for Ecrett Music

  • Experiment with different combinations of scenes, moods, and genres to discover unique sounds.
  • Regularly explore new patterns added to the library to keep content fresh and engaging.
  • Use the customization features to closely align the music with your content’s tone and style.

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