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Deeto AI: Empowering Customer Engagement and Accelerating Sales Cycles

Deeto AI Empowering Customer Engagement and Accelerating Sales Cycles


Deeto AI, a progressive artificial intelligence (AI) tool, stands out in the bustling digital landscape for its specialized approach towards customer reference management and advocacy. It offers solutions that notably simplify and streamline the traditionally cumbersome process of managing customer references and harnessing them for business growth. Deeto AI comes bundled with three core products: Deeto Core, Deeto 360, and Deeto Live. These products work together to create an environment where businesses can readily tap into their customer base for authentic, valuable insights and content.

Features & Benefits

In the interest of a thorough understanding, let’s delve into each product offered by Deeto AI, discussing their distinct features and the potential benefits users can reap.

Deeto Core


  • Reference Management: Deeto Core is designed to facilitate efficient reference management. It allows businesses to invite, create, manage, and expand their reference group with evergreen value.
  • Smart-Match System: It uses a unique algorithm to smart-match the right reference to the right prospect, which can accelerate deal closure.
  • Rewarding System: Recognizing the importance of showing appreciation, Deeto Core has a rewarding system in place for references.


  • Provides a solution to the historically clunky process of managing references.
  • Allows for a more diverse range of references, offering fresh perspectives.
  • Enables businesses to grow their reference supply and make real-world knowledge available to prospects.

Deeto 360


  • User-Generated Content: Deeto 360 utilizes Generative AI capabilities to cultivate insights, reviews, customer-stories, and testimonials.
  • AI-Matched Customer Driven Content: It links personalized customer-driven content to the right contact at the right time, optimizing the prospect decision-making process.
  • Real-Time Feedback: The tool incorporates a feedback mechanism to improve performance based on responses from existing customers and prospects.


  • Enhances your organization’s growth with minimal investment and optimal ROI.
  • Helps close more deals faster by optimizing the sales cycle with AI-matched content.
  • Allows for content personalization and generation supported by advanced generative AI capabilities.

Deeto Live


  • Live-Stream Experience: Deeto Live allows businesses to match, select, and manage their most effective assets in minutes and live-stream an experience that impacts their prospects.
  • Real-Time Reference Feedback: Sharing references feedback in real-time, the tool expedites the deal closure process.
  • Ready-To-Use Customer Driven Content: Deeto Live prepares a live session full of customer-driven content and shares it with prospects in real-time.


  • Enhances the effectiveness of interactions with decision-makers.
  • Builds trust faster by sharing real-world customer success.
  • Saves prospects’ time by sharing the information they’re seeking.

Real-world applications

As a versatile AI tool, Deeto AI finds a wide array of real-world applications. For instance, businesses can leverage Deeto Core to manage and grow their reference group, which can be beneficial in industries where customer testimonials and references play a critical role in driving sales, like real estate or B2B software.

Deeto 360’s user-generated content capabilities can be pivotal for companies looking to build a content marketing strategy centered around authentic customer experiences and insights. This tool can be valuable to online retailers, hospitality businesses, and service providers.

Deeto Live is particularly useful in high-stakes sales environments where personalization and timely responses can make the difference between winning and losing a deal. This could include sectors like enterprise software sales, high-end real estate, or consultative services.

Pricing & Discount

Deeto AI offers various pricing plans based on the number of users (seats) on your account. Contact Deeto AI for specific pricing details and any available discounts.


Despite its various strengths, Deeto AI does have some limitations. One of these might be the dependency on user-generated content, which although powerful, is not always predictable or consistent. The AI-matching system is another potential limitation, depending on the accuracy of the AI algorithm. Furthermore, the effectiveness of Deeto AI heavily relies on the active participation of customers, which might not always be guaranteed.


  • Privacy and Data Security: Users may have concerns about the privacy and security of customer data used within the Deeto AI platform.
  • Accuracy and Relevance of References: The accuracy and relevance of references may vary, impacting their effectiveness in closing deals.
  • User Adoption: Encouraging customer participation and user adoption of the Deeto AI platform may require effective communication and training.

Potential Future Developments

As Deeto AI continues to evolve, future enhancements may include:

  • Enhanced AI Algorithms: Improvements in AI algorithms to deliver even more accurate smart matching and generative content capabilities.
  • Advanced Analytics: Deeper insights and analytics to measure the impact of customer-driven content and optimize performance.
  • Integrations: Integration with popular CRM and sales enablement platforms for seamless data exchange and enhanced workflows.
  • Customization and Personalization: More options for customization and personalization to align with each organization’s unique needs.

How to Use Deeto AI

Based on the information available, using Deeto AI involves several straightforward steps. Users begin by inviting their customers to be references. The tool then uses AI algorithms to match references with prospects and facilitate the sharing of insights. Users can also invite customers to join their program and contribute content through Deeto 360, which is subsequently matched to the right contact at the right time. Deeto Live enables users to manage their most effective assets and live-stream experiences to prospects.

Best Practices for Deeto AI (Additional Section)

To make the most of Deeto AI, consider the following best practices:

  • Clearly communicate the benefits of participating in reference engagements to your customers to encourage their active involvement.
  • Regularly update and refresh your reference pool to ensure a diverse and relevant set of references for different prospects.
  • Train your sales and marketing teams on effectively utilizing customer-driven content and references provided by Deeto AI.
  • Monitor and analyze the performance metrics and insights provided by Deeto AI to make data-driven decisions.
  • Continuously seek feedback from both existing customers and prospects to improve performance and optimize your strategies.

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