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Molin: AI Chatbot for Customer Service


Molin is an AI tool that offers a dual solution for businesses: it acts as a chatbot to resolve customer service queries and as an AI writer for generating marketing content. Using advanced AI, Molin quickly addresses customer questions and creates diverse marketing materials in multiple languages.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Chatbot for Customer Service:
  • Instant Resolution: Resolves 70% of customer questions immediately.
  • Omni-Channel Integration: Works on all e-commerce platforms and websites.
  • Multilingual Support: Communicates in 92 languages, adapting mid-conversation.
  • Conversational AI: Engages in human-like interactions, asking clarifying questions and searching for information.
  • AI Writer for Marketing Content:
  • Efficient Content Creation: Produces high-quality content quickly, using industry best practices.
  • Diverse Templates: Offers over 50 templates for various content types in 14+ languages.
  • Social Media and Email Marketing: Generates Facebook and Instagram ads, cold LinkedIn messages, and personalized sales emails.
  • E-commerce Support: Creates product descriptions for online stores.

Molin Platforms

  • Web app

Molin Tasks

  • Create AI chatbot for customer service
  • Integrate AI chatbot to website
  • Generate blog posts, ads, and social media campaigns
  • Create product descriptions
  • Generate personalized sales emails and cold outreach messages

Molin Integrations

  • E-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Squarespace)
  • Websites
  • Help centers and FAQs
  • Social media accounts

Real-world applications

Real-world applications

Molin transforms customer service for businesses by automating interactions and solving queries with speed and efficiency. For instance, when a customer inquires about product availability, Molin instantly provides the answer, enhancing the shopping experience. It can handle complex issues, such as explaining a refund process, with the capability to initiate refunds directly, reducing workload for customer service teams. Imagine a scenario where a customer’s question about shipping options is not only answered but followed by Molin automatically updating their order with the selected option. This level of service not only saves time but also significantly improves customer satisfaction. And for those times when a customer asks if a product can make them look ten years younger, Molin might just cheekily suggest checking out the time machines section.

Who is Molin for

  • Small to large e-commerce businesses
  • Marketing teams
  • Customer service departments
  • Individual entrepreneurs

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceAI ConversationsProductsLanguagesSpecial Features
Free$025Up to 1001Limited AI marketing writer
Startup$19/mo125Up to 1,00092+Access to AI marketing writer
Growth$49/mo500Up to 10,00092+Lead collection, Full conversation history
Scale$99/mo1,250Up to 30,00092+Full access to AI Actions, Full analytics

Molin Free version



  • Limited conversation history and analytics in lower-tier plans.
  • Restricted access to AI Actions in the free and startup plans.


  • Data Privacy: Ensuring customer and business data are securely handled.
  • Compatibility: Integration ease with various e-commerce platforms and websites.
  • Learning Curve: Understanding all features and making the most of the AI capabilities.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced personalization features for marketing content.
  • Broader integration capabilities with CRM and ERP systems.
  • Advanced analytics for deeper insights into customer interactions and content performance.

Unleash the potential of AI in customer service and content creation with Molin, where efficiency meets innovation.

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