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Contlo is a marketing automation platform that harnesses artificial intelligence to enhance customer engagement across multiple channels, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, web push, and social media. This platform is designed to personalize customer experiences, streamline marketing campaigns, and provide comprehensive analytics and insights. Contlo is available as a web application and integrates seamlessly with various digital channels and services.

Features & Benefits

  • Autonomous Customer Engagement: Utilizes AI to autonomously manage and optimize marketing campaigns across different channels.
  • Generative Customer Journeys: AI-generated customer journeys adapt in real-time to user interactions, maximizing return on investment.
  • Personalized Segmentation: Offers advanced customer segmentation for one-to-one personalization based on behavior, demographics, and site actions.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Provides detailed insights into customer behavior and marketing campaign performance.
  • Conversational Marketing Tools: Tools for managing customer inquiries and support tickets across multiple communication platforms.
  • Cross-Channel Marketing: Supports marketing efforts across email, SMS, WhatsApp, web push, and social media channels.
  • Integration-Friendly: Features a rich ecosystem of integrations, allowing data synchronization across various tech platforms.


Contlo offers a robust integration ecosystem, enhancing its functionality and adaptability across different platforms and services. These integrations are crucial for synchronizing customer data, automating marketing processes, and providing a seamless user experience. Below are key integrations that Contlo supports:


Contlo offers a robust integration ecosystem, enhancing its functionality and adaptability across different platforms and services. These integrations are crucial for synchronizing customer data, automating marketing processes, and providing a seamless user experience. Below are key integrations that Contlo supports:

  • E-Commerce Platforms:
  • Shopify: Seamlessly integrates with Shopify, enabling omnichannel marketing automation for eCommerce stores, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, and web push campaigns.
  • WooCommerce: Connects with WooCommerce for WordPress sites, offering AI-driven marketing automation tools tailored for WordPress and WooCommerce stores.
  • Customer Support and CRM Tools:
  • Gorgias: Syncs with Gorgias helpdesk, allowing customer support agents to manage conversations across channels like SMS and WhatsApp with full context and history.
  • Zendesk: Integration with Zendesk aids in efficient customer support management.
  • Analytics and Reporting Tools:
  • Maple Monk: Connects with MapleMonk to leverage data generated by Contlo for enhanced analytics and reporting.
  • Cohort Analysis & RFM: Tools for detailed analysis of customer behavior and segmentation.
  • Marketing and Advertising Platforms:
  • Google Ad Sync: Enables synchronization of custom lists and segments with Google Ads for targeted advertising.
  • Facebook Ad Sync: Similar functionality for Facebook Ads, allowing targeted campaigns based on Contlo’s segmentation.
  • Loyalty and Reward Programs:
  • Loyalty Lion: Enhances customer loyalty programs by integrating with LoyaltyLion for targeted, personalized marketing communications.
  • Nector: Provides solutions for loyalty and rewards, helping in customer retention and sales driving.
  • Other Integrations:
  • Appbrew & Appmaker: These integrations facilitate the creation of mobile apps for Shopify stores, enhancing the mobile shopping experience.
  • Yotpo Product & Photo Review: Allows sharing of review data across platforms for improved segmentation and automation triggers.
  • Payment and Checkout Solutions:
  • Magic Checkout by Razorpay: Enhances checkout experiences and integrates with Contlo for segment creation and automation triggers.
  • Third-Party Integration Tools:
  • Zapier: Offers integration with a wide range of web apps, automating workflows between Contlo and other services.

These integrations enable Contlo to function as a comprehensive marketing solution, not only within its native capabilities but also in synergy with other business tools and platforms. This interconnectedness ensures that businesses can leverage Contlo’s AI-driven marketing automation in concert with their existing digital infrastructure.

Real-world Applications

Contlo is beneficial for industries like e-commerce and retail, healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, gaming, and education. It assists these sectors in enhancing customer engagement, personalizing marketing communications, and automating customer journey workflows, leading to improved customer retention and sales conversions.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (Monthly)Email CreditsSegmentsAutomationsOther Features
GrowthStarting from $250100,000Up to 15Up to 10Basic analytics, Email & Chat support
ProStarting from $500250,000Up to 50Up to 30Advanced analytics, Priority support
EnterpriseStarting from $1000500,000UnlimitedUnlimitedAdvanced analytics, White Glove support

Note: Free plan available with limited features.


  • Contlo might be overwhelming for small businesses due to its advanced features.
  • The platform requires a learning curve to fully utilize its AI-driven functionalities.
  • The free version has limited capabilities, necessitating upgrades for comprehensive features.


  • Data Privacy: Users may be concerned about how their and their customers’ data is handled.
  • Usability: The complexity of AI-driven tools might be challenging for users without technical expertise.
  • Compatibility: Integrating Contlo with existing systems and workflows might require additional setup and customization.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Contlo could include:

  • Enhanced AI capabilities for more accurate personalization.
  • More intuitive user interfaces to improve accessibility for non-technical users.
  • Expanded integration options with emerging digital platforms and tools.

How to Use Contlo

To effectively use Contlo:

  1. Integrate it with your existing digital platforms.
  2. Utilize its AI capabilities for customer segmentation and personalized campaigns.
  3. Leverage its analytics for informed marketing decisions.
  4. Use conversational marketing tools for efficient customer interaction and support.

Best Practices for Contlo

  • Regularly review and adjust AI-driven campaign parameters.
  • Utilize A/B testing for optimizing marketing messages.
  • Ensure compliance with data protection and privacy laws.

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