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Remaker: AI Face Swap Free Tool


Remaker is a free AI tool that lets you swap faces in images and videos. Users can replace faces with those of celebrities, animals, or even objects for various creative or humorous purposes.

Features & Benefits

Remaker AI Face Swap

  • Single Image Face Swap: Easily replace a face in your photos with another, whether it’s a friend, celebrity, or an animal. Ideal for creating humorous photos or experimenting with different appearances.
  • Batch Face Swap: Enhance multiple photos at once by applying the same face across various images or swapping multiple distinct faces in a batch, saving time and effort in large-scale photo edits.
  • Multiple Face Swap: Perfect for group settings like family reunions, weddings, or parties. This feature lets you swap faces within a group photo to add a fun and creative spin.
  • Video Face Swap: Swap faces in video files, making it possible to change the narrative or add a funny twist to your short videos. Useful for content creation across various platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Bonus AI Tools

  • AI Portrait Generator: Transform your regular photos into stylized portraits using AI, choosing from a variety of styles and scenes to fit the desired mood or theme.
  • AI Image Generator: Generate new images from text descriptions or transform existing images into different styles or contexts, supporting multiple models like SDXL (Stable Diffusion) & Midjourney.
  • AI Image Upscaler: Enhance the resolution of your images with AI technology, which improves image clarity and detail, making older or lower-quality photos look sharper and more modern.
  • AI Talking Photo: Convert any static photo into a talking avatar, great for creating interactive content like greetings, announcements, or just for fun.
  • AI Video Enhancer: Improve the quality of videos by enhancing resolution, stabilizing footage, and adjusting color settings to make older or lower-quality videos look crisp and clear.

    Remaker Platforms:

    • Web app

    Remaker Tasks:

    • Photo AI face swap
    • Multiple AI face saps within a single image
    • Perform AI face swap on multiple photos simultaneously
    • Video AI face swap

    Remaker Integrations:

    • n/a

    Real-world applications

    From fixing a group photo where someone blinked to swapping your boss’s face with a cartoon character for some light-hearted office humor, Remaker AI Face Swap brings a unique twist to any visual content. Use the face swap AI tool to spice up a family reunion by swapping all attendees’ faces with various movie stars or historical figures for a memorable picture.

    Consider the fun at a wedding when you swap the bride and groom’s faces with each other’s, or perhaps turning a regular office party into a celebrity meetup by swapping co-worker’s faces with those of famous personalities. Bold and unexpected results are just a few clicks away!

    Who is Remaker AI face swap for

    • Social media fans
    • Content creators
    • Graphic designers
    • Anyone looking to add a fun twist to photos and videos

    Pricing & Discount

    Free Daily5$0.00
    Buy 150150$2.99
    Buy 11001100$19.99
    Buy 30003000$49.99

    Remaker AI Face Swap Free version



    • Video face swaps are limited to files up to 500MB and 30 minutes long.
    • Supports face swapping for only one person at a time in videos.


    • Data Privacy: Consider the privacy implications when uploading images for face swapping.
    • Usability: Some users might need a brief learning period to navigate the AI tool effectively.
    • Compatibility: Mainly available as a web app, might not be accessible on all devices without internet access.
    • Cost: The AI face swap tool is free, but advanced usage requires the purchase of credits.

    Potential Future Developments

    Introducing live video face swapping could greatly benefit live streamers and online event hosts, making real-time face changing possible during broadcasts.

    Dive into the world of creative and fun visual content with Remaker AI Face Swap, where your next photo or video can be as entertaining as your imagination allows!

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