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Clay: Data Enrichment and Outreach Automation Tool


Clay is a robust platform that assists go-to-market teams in enhancing data enrichment and automating personalized outreach. By starting with a list of leads, users can leverage Clay’s numerous data enrichment tools and AI capabilities to streamline their outreach processes.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Data Enrichment: Integrates over 75 data enrichment tools into one platform, offering superior data quality and coverage.
  • AI-Driven Capabilities: Automates research and message drafting, previously requiring manual efforts, using advanced AI.
  • Seamless Integration: Works alongside CRM systems and email tools, facilitating a smooth workflow without replacing these essential tools.
  • Lead List Creation and Enrichment: Enables users to build and enrich lead lists using multiple sources, including LinkedIn and Google Maps, with options to utilize built-in or external API keys.
  • Automated Outreach: Syncs enriched data back to CRMs, allowing quick transition from campaign conception to execution.
  • Real-Time Updates: Provides live data updates, ensuring that the information remains current and actionable.

Clay Platforms

Windows, Mac, web app

Clay Tasks

  • Enrich contact and company data
  • Automate personalized outreach
  • Integrate seamlessly with CRM and email tools
  • Build and update dynamic lead lists
  • Utilize AI for data-driven insights and messaging

Clay Integrations

  • CRM systems
  • Email tools
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Maps
  • Over 150 data providers

Real-world applications

A tech startup can use Clay to refine its lead generation process by building a targeted list from LinkedIn, enriching these leads with detailed contact information, and deploying AI-crafted messages tailored to each prospect’s background. This not only increases efficiency but also improves the response rate, driving more meaningful engagements.

Imagine this: A local gym uses Clay to identify potential clients through social media interests, sends personalized offers based on their fitness preferences, and invites them to a themed workout event. The message might whimsically include, “Get pumped for our Superhero Strength Training this weekend!”

Who is Clay for

  • Marketing teams
  • Sales professionals
  • Data specialists
  • Small to medium-sized business owners
  • Lead generation experts

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/month100Access to 50+ data providers, AI message writing, up to 100 searches per month
StarterFrom $149/month2000Includes Free features, CSV export, unlimited table creation, up to 5,000 searches per month
ExplorerFrom $349/month10000Includes Starter features, email tool integrations, webhook capabilities, up to 25,000 searches per month
ProFrom $800/month50000Includes Explorer features, CRM integrations, up to 50,000 searches per month

Clay Free version



  • Limited ability to replace direct prospecting tools.
  • Dependent on third-party data sources for some features.


  • Data privacy and security when handling sensitive enrichment data.
  • Usability and learning curve could be challenging for some users.
  • Cost considerations for smaller businesses or startups.
  • Compatibility with diverse data providers and platforms.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanded AI functionalities for deeper data insights.
  • Broader integrations with additional CRM and email platforms.
  • Development of mobile app versions for access on the go.

Elevate your market strategies with Clay’s data enrichment and automation tools.

Discover how Clay can optimize your outreach today.

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