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Podnotes: Podcast AI Content Repurposing


Podnotes is an AI-powered tool designed to convert podcasts and YouTube videos into a wide range of content types. It allows users to generate transcripts, summaries, articles, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, tweets, audiograms, and over 100 other content assets in more than 19 languages easily.

Features & Benefits

  • Content Repurposing: Turn podcasts and videos into multiple content formats, including social media posts, newsletters, and audiograms.
  • Transcription & Summarization: Automatically transcribe and summarize audio and video content in 19+ languages.
  • Customizable Outputs: Adjust the output language and style to fit your needs.
  • SEO Enhancement: Create show notes and titles that improve the SEO presence of your podcasts.
  • Social Media Engagement: Generate engaging content for platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to expand your audience.
  • Magic Chat: A unique feature acting as a comprehensive assistant, enabling users to search and query their podcast content effectively.
  • Integrations: Embed high-quality images, videos, and infographics to enrich your content visually.

Podnotes Platforms

  • Web app

Podnotes Tasks

  • Generate transcript from podcast
  • Generate transcript from YouTube video
  • Summarize audio
  • Summarize video
  • Create articles, blog posts, and social media updates
  • Develop SEO-friendly show notes, titles, headlines, and chapters
  • Produce visually appealing audiograms and integrate images and videos
  • Embed dynamic infographics in content

Podnotes Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine a podcaster, John, who is struggling to grow his audience despite producing quality content. John discovers Podnotes and starts repurposing his podcast episodes into articles, LinkedIn posts, and engaging tweets. Soon, his reach expands, attracting more listeners to his podcast. Additionally, the summaries and audiograms make his content accessible to a broader audience, including non-native speakers and the hearing impaired. For a bit of fun vibes, John could even use Podnotes to create a captivating series of tweets from his podcast episode on “The Secret Life of Houseplants,” turning it into a viral social media saga that prompts discussions about whether his cactus might actually be plotting world domination.

Who is Podnotes for

  • Content creators
  • Marketers
  • Podcasters
  • Social media managers
  • SEO specialists

Pricing & Discount

Starter$19200Unlimited Content, Audiograms, Magic Chat
Pro$29600All in Starter
Agency$491200All in Pro

Podnotes Free version

Not available

You get 50 minutes of podcast AI conversion when you sign up for free.


  • File size limit up to 500MB.
  • Transcription time depends on the chosen plan.
  • Does not support all languages


  • Users may need to manage their transcription minutes wisely across large files.
  • Navigating the tool’s advanced features could require a learning curve.
  • Dependence on accurate transcription for non-English languages.

Potential Future Developments

  • Adding direct podcast hosting integration could streamline content repurposing.
  • Introducing a community feature for users to share and discuss content strategies.

Unlock your podcast’s full potential with Podnotes. Transform your audio content into engaging articles, social media posts, and more to grow your audience like never before.

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