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Chesski: Chess AI Coach

Playing free chess with Chesski AI chess coach


Chesski is a chess AI platform designed to help you enhance your chess skills through adaptive AI coaching. It customizes its coaching based on your skill level, ranging from beginner to master, and offers the option to connect with your chess accounts for a more personalized experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Personalized Skill Levels: Choose from beginner, intermediate, advanced, or master levels for tailored coaching.
  • Chess Account Integration: Connect your or Lichess account for personalized coaching based on historical game data.
  • Interactive Gameplay with AI Feedback: Play chess directly on the platform while receiving real-time comments and guidance from Chesski.
  • Gameplay Options: Includes features to flip the board, undo moves, or reset the game for enhanced learning.

How It Works – A Friendly Guide

Getting started with Chesski is as simple as picking up your chess pieces! Here’s how you can jump into improving your chess skills with the friendly chess AI coach:

  1. Select Your Skill Level: Whether you’re just starting or you’re the master everyone looks up to, choose the level that best describes your chess experience. This helps Chesski tailor its advice just for you.
  2. Connect Your Chess Accounts (Optional): If you’ve got game history on or Lichess, give Chesski a peek. This way, your coaching becomes even more personalized, focusing on improving your specific gameplay strategies.
  3. Let’s Play Chess FREE: Now, the fun begins! Start a game on Chesski. As you play, you’ll see suggestions and guidance from Chesski on the left side of the screen. Don’t rush; Chesski takes a moment to think before offering advice. The dynamic bar on the right side of the chessboard indicates the advantage which is very neat.
  4. Explore Your Options: Feel free to flip the board to see the game from another perspective, undo a move if you second-guess yourself, or reset the game if you want a fresh start.

Chesski is here to make learning chess enjoyable and productive, one move at a time. Let’s checkmate your way to becoming a better player!

Chesski Platforms

  • Web app

Chesski Tasks

  • Personalize coaching based on user-selected skill level.
  • Analyze historical game data when connected to or Lichess accounts.
  • Provide real-time, adaptive feedback and suggestions during gameplay.
  • Offer options to enhance game learning and analysis (flip board, undo move, reset game).
  • Play chess free

Chesski Integrations

  • Lichess

Real-world applications

Chesski can transform the way both amateurs and seasoned players approach their chess training. For the beginner, it demystifies complex strategies, making the learning curve less steep. Intermediate players can refine their tactics, identifying weaknesses in their game. Advanced players gain insights into granular strategies, sharpening their competitive edge. Masters can stay at the top of their game, challenging their strategic thinking with high-level advice.

Imagine using Chesski to prepare for a grand chess tournament, each move you make on the platform guiding you closer to victory. Or, using it in a more light-hearted scenario, like challenging your overly confident friend to a match, only to reveal your secret weapon: a personalized AI chess coach. The surprise on their face? Checkmate!

Who is Chesski for

  • Beginners wanting to learn chess basics
  • Intermediate players aiming to improve their game
  • Advanced players looking for deeper insights
  • Masters seeking to maintain their edge
  • Chess enthusiasts who enjoy playing and learning

Pricing & Discount

Free Plan$0

Chesski Free version – Available


  • The coaching is solely based on the user’s skill level and connected chess account data.


  • Data privacy for those connecting their chess accounts.
  • The effectiveness of AI coaching across different skill levels.
  • Limited to only two chess platform integrations.
  • No mention of offline functionality or mobile app support.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion to support more chess platforms and integration with mobile apps.
  • Offline mode for practicing without internet connectivity.
  • Advanced analytics for users to track their progress over time.

Boost your chess skills with Chesski’s personalized AI coaching.

Play chess free, learn, and improve your game today.

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