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Moveme: AI Movie Recommendations

Moveme AI movie recommendations and suggestions


Moveme is an innovative platform designed to match users with movies based on their current emotional state. By selecting emotions or emojis, users can quickly find movies that align with how they want to feel. This web-based tool, accessible on all devices without the need for an app download, offers emotion-led AI suggestions from a vast library of films across 516 streaming services in 118 countries. Moveme is completely free and aims to provide a unique and tailored movie-discovery experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Emotion-Based Selection: Users can choose movies based on desired emotions, using emojis or mood descriptors.
  • Extensive Database: Moveme analyzes 682,432 movies, ensuring a wide range of choices.
  • Streaming Service Filters: Users can filter movies by their available streaming services, including free options.
  • Global Reach: Supports movie suggestions and recommendations in 118 countries, catering to a diverse audience.
  • Tailored Recommendations: AI learns user preferences over time for more personalized movie suggestions.
  • Diverse Movie Discovery: Encourages exploring classic, indie, and foreign films outside the typical selection bubble.

Moveme Tasks

  • Emotion-led movie recommendations
  • Filtering movies by streaming services
  • Personalized movie suggestions based on AI learning
  • Global movie discovery across various countries

Real-world applications

Moveme is particularly beneficial for movie enthusiasts and casual viewers alike, offering a unique approach to movie selection. It can be a useful tool for mental health self-care, providing movies that match or alter one’s mood. Additionally, film students or critics can explore a broader range of cinema, including lesser-known indie and foreign films. It’s also a valuable resource for social gatherings, helping groups choose films that fit their collective mood.

Who is Moveme for

  • Movie Buffs
  • Casual Viewers
  • Mental Health Advocates
  • Film Students and Critics
  • Social Groups and Families

Pricing & Discount

Moveme is entirely free, with no hidden costs or premium versions.

Moveme Free version – Available


  • The AI’s movie suggestions are only as good as the data it’s trained on, which may not cover all niche or very new films.
  • The emotional selection might not always perfectly match the user’s complex mood nuances.
  • Limited functionality in countries with fewer streaming services.


  • Data Privacy: Although registered with the ICO and SSL certified, users may still have concerns about data usage.
  • Usability: As a web-based tool without a dedicated app, some might find accessibility less convenient.
  • Compatibility: May not integrate seamlessly with all streaming platforms, potentially limiting the user experience.

Potential Future Developments

Moveme might expand to include AI TV show recommendations, offer more nuanced emotion selections, and possibly integrate directly with streaming services for a more seamless experience. The AI could evolve to consider user reviews and social media trends, further refining its recommendations.

How to Use Moveme

  1. Choose Your Mood: Select an emoji or mood descriptor that matches how you want to feel.
  2. Filter Options: Narrow down choices by selecting your streaming services.
  3. Discover Movies: Explore the recommendations and choose a movie that resonates with your mood.
  4. Enjoy Your Movie: Watch the movie on your selected streaming service.

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