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Astra: Your AI Executive Assistant


Astra is an AI Executive Assistant that operates directly through your email. Without needing any downloads or installations, it assists with tasks like research, document analysis, and calendar management. By simply sending an email to Astra, users can delegate tasks and receive completed work in their inbox.

How Astra Works

  1. Easy Start: Begin by entering your email to sign up. No profile, no password, no need for any downloads or software installations.
  2. Introduction Email: Once signed up, Astra sends a welcome message to your inbox, indicating it’s ready to assist.
  3. Assigning Tasks: You can then email Astra with any task, whether it’s for research, analyzing documents, or managing your calendar.
  4. Completion and Delivery: After assigning tasks, you can relax. Astra works on your requests and sends the completed tasks directly to your email.

Features & Benefits

  • Email Integration: Astra operates entirely through email, making it accessible without additional software.
  • In-depth Research: It can conduct thorough online research on various topics including market trends and competitor analysis.
  • Document Analysis: Astra is capable of summarizing complex documents, highlighting essential information.
  • Calendar Management: It manages your schedule, from setting up meetings to planning events, ensuring you stay organized.

Astra Platforms

  • Email-based, compatible with any email client

Astra Tasks

  • Conduct in-depth online research
  • Analyze and summarize complex documents
  • Manage and organize calendar

Astra Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

You’re swamped with meetings and need a report on the latest market trends before the end of the day. You send an email to Astra detailing your requirements, and you receive a comprehensive analysis, complete with summaries of recent studies and news articles, just in time for your coffee break.

Juggling multiple appointments while planning a major event? Astra keeps your calendar in check, schedules meetings, and ensures you’re aware of any conflicts or upcoming commitments, making sure everything runs smoothly.

And for those times when a mountain of documents awaits, what used to be a day’s work of reading turns into a brief, informative summary, thanks to Astra’s document analysis capabilities.

Then there’s the scenario where you’re tasked with organizing a team event. With Astra, you find yourself effortlessly planning a virtual birthday party, complete with an online escape room adventure, ensuring a memorable team-building session that also tests everyone’s puzzle-solving skills.

Who is Astra for

  • Business professionals
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Anyone in need of executive assistance


We love the concept for AI Executive Assistant that Astra offers and we tested its capabilities. Our request was for a summary outlining what is AI Tools Explorer. We didn’t know what to expect as we weren’t sure if the Astra has web access. We were pleasantly surprised. Take a look at the short interaction we had:

AITE Team:
Hi Astra,

Can you send me a summary explaining what is AI Tools Explorer (


Astra AI Executive Assistant:

AI Tools Explorer ( is a comprehensive website dedicated to providing information and resources on artificial intelligence (AI) tools and applications. Here’s a brief overview of what the site offers:

  • AI Hub: A directory of AI-related websites, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, articles, guides, and courses.
  • AI Tools Explorer: The main section where users can explore and discover various AI tools and applications across different categories such as AI voice, AI for social media, AI search engines, AI for coding, AI-generated music, and AI photography.
  • AI Guides: Helpful guides and ideas for using AI in daily life, including topics like how to use ChatGPT for internal linking, AI virtual staging, and AI tools for short video content.
  • AI Uses: Explores creative and practical applications of AI in different areas, such as crafting website privacy policies, transforming grocery stores, and using AI and blockchain in government decision-making.
  • Making Money with AI: Provides information and ideas on how to start an AI-based business, including AI side hustles, selling AI prompts, and selling AI art.

The website is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses interested in exploring and leveraging AI technology across various domains.


AITE Verdict

Astra is definitely a keeper and we suggest you try it. It’s FREE to use!

Pricing & Discount


Astra Free version – Available


  • Functionality is limited to tasks that can be completed via email.
  • Does not integrate with other software or platforms directly.


  • Dependence on clear, concise task descriptions for accurate results.
  • Privacy and security of sensitive information handled via email.
  • Potential limitations in understanding highly complex or niche-specific requests.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with popular project management tools could streamline task delegation and tracking.
  • Expansion into voice commands and responses for hands-free assistance could enhance accessibility and convenience.

Explore how Astra, the email-first AI Executive Assistant, can simplify your workload and keep you organized.

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