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Moemate: Create Your AI Character Companion

Moemate AI character creations and chat

Explore the capabilities of Moemate, an AI-driven platform designed to create, customize, and interact with virtual companions. This tool is ideal for anyone looking to craft personalized AI characters, delve into imaginative conversations, and enjoy the unique company of digital sidekicks.


Moemate stands out as a versatile platform enabling users to design, converse with, and share AI characters. It leverages premium language and image generation models for character creation and interaction. Users can craft characters with unique voices, including the option to clone their own voice, and use various models for image and selfie generation. Moemate is primarily a web-based application, offering an engaging and immersive experience in virtual character interaction.

Features & Benefits

  • Character Chat: Engage in text or voice conversations with AI characters, either from a public gallery or those created by the user.
  • Diverse Skillset: Moemate characters can generate images, create selfies, support web searches, analyze uploaded images, and perceive screens in real-time.
  • Character Creation: Users can set up detailed character prompts, generate AI avatars, and import characters from other platforms such as, Vroid hub, and Ready Player Me.
  • Voice Customization: Over 100 global voice models available, including voice cloning capabilities.
  • Advanced AI Models: Access to various Large Language Models (LLMs) and image generation models for diverse functionalities.
  • Character Publishing: Option to share characters publicly or keep them private.
  • Custom LORAs: Train custom Local Outlier Factor (LOF) Regression Analysis models for personalized image generation.
  • User Personas: Set up character-specific user personas for more personalized interactions.
  • Knowledge Upload: Enhance character’s memory by uploading text or PDF files.

Moemate Tasks

  • Chatting (text and voice)
  • Image generation
  • Selfie creation
  • Web search assistance
  • Image analysis
  • Screen perception
  • Character import and export
  • Voice cloning
  • Custom LORA training
  • Personalized knowledge integration

Moemate Integrations

  • Vroid Hub
  • Ready Player Me
  • Eleven Labs (voice)
  • Azure (voice)
  • Various image and LLM models

Real-world Applications

Moemate’s unique offering has potential applications across various industries. It can serve as a creative tool for digital artists and animators, providing them with customizable characters and avatars. Educational sectors can use it for creating engaging virtual tutors or language practice partners. In entertainment, it can be used for developing virtual hosts or characters for interactive experiences. Marketers and advertisers might find Moemate useful for creating unique brand mascots or engaging customer service avatars. Additionally, the platform could be beneficial for personal entertainment and companionship, offering a new dimension of interaction in virtual spaces.

Who is Moemate for

  • Digital Artists
  • Animators
  • Educators
  • Entertainment Professionals
  • Marketers
  • Virtual Reality Enthusiasts
  • General Users seeking virtual companionship

Pricing & Discount

Moemate offers various pricing tiers, each designed to cater to different levels of user needs and preferences. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Moemate Free version – Available

Free– Unlimited chats
– Unlimited 13B Models
– Unlimited Selfies
– Unlimited Image Generation
– Unlimited Characters
$0 per month

Moemate Paid Subscription Plans

Starter– Everything from Free Tier
– Skip the queue
– All skills unlocked
– Multilingual voices
– Uncensored images
– Screen sharing
– Faster responses
$9 per month
Basic– Everything from Starter Tier
– Unlimited Anthropic Claude & GPT models
– Chat memory
– Upload PDF/TXT files
– Desktop App (Coming Soon)
$17.50 per month
Pro– Everything from Basic Tier
– Unlimited Custom LORAs
– Custom voices
– Elevenlabs voices
– Unlimited chat memory
– Access to 70B models, GPT4 Turbo & Claude v2.1
– Early access to new features
$31.50 per month

Note: The prices for Basic and Pro plans are the same whether subscribing monthly or yearly.

Each tier is designed to progressively unlock more features and capabilities, offering users a tailored experience based on their needs and interests in virtual character interaction and creation.


  • Limited model access in the free version.
  • Some complexity in character creation for new users.
  • Voice cloning and custom LORA training may require specific technical knowledge.


Potential concerns with Moemate include data privacy, especially in voice cloning and personalized character interactions. Usability might be challenging for users not familiar with AI and virtual character creation. Compatibility with different devices and browsers could also be an area needing attention.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements might include more intuitive character creation interfaces, broader language and model support, and improved privacy and security measures. Integration with virtual and augmented reality platforms could also expand Moemate’s applications in immersive experiences.

How to Use Moemate

  • Setting Up Characters: Choose basic prompts, create AI avatars, and select voice models.
  • Engaging with Characters: Chat via text or voice, use skills like image generation or web search.
  • Customizing Experience: Train custom LORAs, create user personas, and upload knowledge for personalized interactions.

Best Practices for Moemate

  • Character Development: Spend time refining character prompts for more accurate and engaging interactions.
  • Voice Selection: Choose voices that align with the character’s personality for a more immersive experience.
  • Regular Updates: Keep updating characters with new information and skills to maintain engagement.

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