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AI Detector Pro: AI Detection and Humanization


AI Detector Pro identifies and removes detectable AI-generated text from documents. The AI tool detects AI in English, Spanish, and German and offers tools to humanize AI-generated content.

Features & Benefits

  • Multilingual Detection: Detects AI in English, Spanish, and German documents.
  • AI Eraser: Rephrases English text to lower AI detectability.
  • Tone Map: Analyzes and provides a visual representation of your document’s tone.
  • Pinpoint Editor: Highlights robotic-sounding text for focused rewriting.
  • Phraseology Tool: Identifies AI-specific jargon and phrases for substitution.
  • Tone Analysis: Evaluates text on 11 dimensions of tone.
  • Docs & Word Plugins: Allows in-app writing, scanning, and editing within Google Docs or Office 365.


web app


  • Detect AI-generated text
  • Highlight detectable AI text
  • Provide humanization suggestions
  • Conduct tone analysis
  • Integrate with Google Docs and Word

AI Detector Pro Integrations

  • Google Docs
  • Word (Office 365)

Real-world Applications

AI Detector Pro is suitable for writers aiming to make their content sound human. Academic researchers use it to ensure originality in their papers. Content creators employ it to enhance engagement by making AI-written text more relatable. Businesses leverage the tool for marketing materials that resonate better with their audience. Students can use the AI Detector to ensure their AI-assisted homework passes as original work.

Who is AI Detector Pro for

  • Writers
  • Researchers
  • Content creators
  • Businesses
  • Students

Pricing & Discount

FREE$03 AI scans/month, Multilingual AI detection, Word and Google Docs plugins
BASIC$27.98All in free, 103 AI scans/month, Unlimited humanizations, Data export
Unlimited$49.98All in Basic, Unlimited AI scans

AI Detector Pro Free version



  • Only supports English, Spanish, and German.
  • Requires manual review for best results.
  • May not detect all AI-generated text.


  • Data privacy: Potential concerns about the handling of uploaded documents.
  • Usability: Learning curve for understanding tone analysis reports.
  • Compatibility: Limited to Google Docs and Word plugins.

Potential Future Developments

AI Detector Pro could expand its language detection capabilities beyond English, Spanish, and German. Enhancements in real-time AI detection for live content editing could also be beneficial. Adding more integrations with other popular writing platforms would increase its utility.

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