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QuestionAI: Homework AI Assistant


QuestionAI is a homework AI tool that delivers instant answers and solutions for academic questions. It supports a wide range of subjects such as math, biology and business and is available as a web AI tool or browser extension.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Chat: Immediate interaction for discussing study subjects, tests, problems etc.
  • PDF Homework Assistant: Immediate interaction for discussing PDF files. Instantly solve and summarize content from uploaded PDFs with citations. Find authoritative textbook solutions across various subjects.
  • AI Calculator: Find solutions to mathematical queries.
  • Browser extension: Interact with homework AI directly in your browser.

QuestionAI Platforms

Web app, Chrome, Edge

QuestionAI Tasks

  • Solve problems in math, biology, history, social studies, English, and business.
  • Summarize texts from various academic fields.
  • Upload and chat with PDF documents.

QuestionAI Integrations


Real-world applications

QuestionAI is adept at assisting students at various educational levels, from middle school to university, across a range of subjects including Math, Biology, History, Social Studies, English, and Business. Here’s how it enhances learning and problem-solving for each group:

Middle School: A middle school student is preparing for a math quiz on fractions and algebraic expressions. Confused by complex problems, the student uses the Chat AI feature to snap photos of the homework. Instantly, the tool provides not only the correct answers but also detailed explanations and steps, helping the student grasp the concepts more clearly. This immediate feedback reinforces learning and builds confidence in handling similar problems independently.

High School: During a biology class, high school students are tasked with a group project on human anatomy. Using QuestionAI, they upload sections of their textbook to quickly summarize key information about the human circulatory system. The tool’s ability to digest and simplify complex texts helps the group understand detailed biological processes and terminologies, enabling them to create a comprehensive and informative project presentation.

Community College: A community college student taking an introductory course in Business is struggling to understand the basics of market economics. By engaging with the homework AI, the student discusses and breaks down complex theories and terms into simpler concepts. This interaction provides a personalized learning experience, aiding in better comprehension and preparation for upcoming exams.

University: University students majoring in History are researching the Civil Rights Movement for a term paper. They use homework AI to analyze and summarize primary source PDFs from that era, extracting crucial dates, figures, and events. This capability allows them to efficiently gather and cite significant historical data, enriching their paper with authoritative and well-documented sources.

For each educational level, QuestionAI serves as a supportive AI tool that simplifies the learning process, providing instant help across various subjects. This tailored AI assistance helps students not only complete their homework but also deepen their understanding of the subjects they study.

Who is QuestionAI for

  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Professionals

Pricing & Discount


QuestionAI Free version



While QuestionAI excels at providing quick answers, it does not replace the need for comprehensive understanding of academic concepts.


  • Data privacy: Users should be mindful of the information they upload.
  • Usability: There may be a learning curve with the tool’s features.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility with browser extensions should be verified.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include:

  • Deeper integration with educational platforms like Canvas and Blackboard.
  • Advanced voice command features for improved accessibility.
  • Expansion of language support to include more global languages, broadening accessibility.

QuestionAI is a great FREE AI tool for students. This homework AI offers instant academic solutions and assistance through a user-friendly platform.

Try it today and excel in your studies!

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