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Yomu: An AI Writing Assistant for Academics


Yomu is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with academic writing tasks. It offers a range of features to help users from the initial stages of drafting essays to ensuring the final piece is polished, original, and well-cited.

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent Document Assistant: Guides in writing sections and provides feedback.
  • AI Autocomplete: Helps complete sentences and paragraphs.
  • Editing Tools: Includes paraphrasing, expanding, shortening, summarizing, and transforming bullet points into text.
  • Citation Tool: Powered by Sourcely for easy citation finding, inclusion, and formatting.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Ensures originality and authenticity.
  • AI Detection Avoidance: Maintains the genuineness of work.
  • Powerful AI Commands: For editing, brainstorming, and writing.
  • Figure and Table Management: Simplifies adding, captioning, and referencing figures and tables.
  • Grammar & Text Improvement: Enhances writing quality.

Yomu Platforms

  • Web app

Yomu Tasks

  • Write academic essays and papers
  • Provide sentence and paragraph completion
  • Edit and refine academic writing
  • Paraphrase and summarize content
  • Create and format citations
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Improve grammar and text quality
  • Manage figures and tables in documents

Yomu Integrations

  • Sourcely for citations

Real-world applications

Yomu acts as your co-pilot, suggesting how to start your introduction, offering insights for your arguments, and even finding the right citations for your claims. When you’re unsure how to proceed, Yomu’s AI autocomplete can suggest the next few sentences, turning a daunting task into a manageable one.

After a productive writing session, you realize your essay might be a bit too wordy. Yomu’s editing tools help you cut down the fluff without losing your paper’s essence. And before submission, you double-check your work for plagiarism, ensuring your arguments are as original as they are compelling.

For a humorous twist, consider using the AI writer to draft an apology letter to your roommate for eating their leftovers. Not only will it ensure grammatical perfection, but it might also use sophisticated language to make your case for why leftover pizza is a shared resource, citing historical precedents and ethical considerations.

Who is Yomu for

  • Students
  • Academic Researchers
  • Educators
  • Anyone involved in academic writing

Pricing & Discount

Starter$7Customized AI commands, 10 AI actions
Premium$17/monthUnlimited AI actions, access to premium features, priority support

Yomu Free version



  • Starter plan limits to 10 AI actions.
  • Currently supports only English.


  • Dependence on AI might affect learning of manual editing and writing skills.
  • Accuracy of citation tool and plagiarism checker needs constant updates to stay effective.
  • Potential for misuse in academic settings if not used responsibly.

Potential Future Developments

  • Multi-language support to cater to a global user base.
  • Integration with academic databases for direct access to research papers and sources.
  • A feature that suggests improvements based on the user’s writing style over time.

Have a free test run with Yomu and see how it can help you transform your academic writing.

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