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PPSPY: Shopify Store Analysis


PPSPY is a tool designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs focusing on Shopify dropshipping. It helps users analyze Shopify stores and products, offering insights into competitors’ best-selling items and store analytics. This tool aims to guide users in selecting profitable products and understanding market trends.

Features & Benefits

  • Discover Best-selling Products: Uses AI to identify and suggest profitable products for dropshipping.
  • Track Competitor’s Sales: Offers a 15-day sales report and predicts order data to assess competitor performance.
  • Market Research by Shopify Store: Enables filtering stores by various criteria including revenue, search volume, and traffic sources.
  • Shopify Product Research: Helps find hot selling products with filters for sales, revenue, keywords, and categories.
  • Find One-product Stores: Identifies niche markets and profitable product presentations.
  • Shopify Theme Design Ideas: Provides design insights based on traffic, language, product types, and more.
  • Traffic Research: Analyzes website traffic and sources for strategic marketing insights.
  • Chrome Extension: Facilitates easy access to store analytics and sales tracking directly in the browser.

PPSPY Platforms

  • Web app, Chrome extension


  • Discover and analyze best-selling Shopify products
  • Track and predict competitor sales data
  • Conduct market research based on store attributes
  • Research Shopify product trends and designs
  • Analyze traffic sources and growth strategies

PPSPY Integrations

  • CJDropshipping, DSers, AliExpress, Spocket

Real-world applications

Imagine you’re starting a Shopify store and unsure what to sell. PPSPY becomes your secret weapon. By analyzing top competitors, you discover a trending product with high sales but low competition. Inspired, you tailor your Shopify theme and marketing strategy based on successful stores. Fast forward a few months, your store is thriving, thanks to strategic insights from PPSPY. Now, for a bit of fun, you use PPSPY to find the most bizarre yet surprisingly profitable product niche – novelty socks with famous paintings. Who knew art lovers enjoyed expressing their taste through their feet?

Who is PPSPY for

  • E-commerce entrepreneurs
  • Shopify store owners
  • Dropshipping business owners
  • Market researchers

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/MonthPrice/YearStores/MonthCredits/MonthDaily Usage

PPSPY Free version – Not available


  • Monthly limits on store analyses and credits based on the chosen plan.


  • Potential data privacy concerns with tracking and exporting competitor sales data.
  • Learning curve for utilizing all features effectively.
  • Cost may be a barrier for small-scale entrepreneurs.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with more e-commerce platforms beyond Shopify for broader market analysis.
  • Enhanced AI predictions for market trends and product success rates.
  • Expansion of the free tool features to include more comprehensive data analysis options.

Unlock the potential of your e-commerce business with PPSPY’s Shopify store analysis and product discovery tools.

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