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DG1: AI-Powered E-Commerce & Web Management

DG1 e-commerce and website management with AI


DG1 is a versatile, AI-powered platform designed to enhance web and e-commerce management. This tool combines a range of features including website building, e-commerce solutions, campaign management, and mobile app integration. It’s a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their online presence and operations efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic Website Building: Drag-and-drop CMS, responsive design, multilingual support, and SEO-friendly templates.
  • Advanced E-Commerce: Offers unlimited products, a promotions engine, intelligent product grids, and support for both fiat and crypto payments.
  • Campaign Management: Multichannel campaigns, including newsletters, browser push, and mobile push, with advanced segmentation and personalization.
  • Scheduling Systems: Includes booking products, availability management, calendar views, and connected personnel for streamlined scheduling.
  • Customer Data Management: Dashboards for a 360-degree customer view, form builders, and GDPR-ready systems.
  • Mobile App Integration: Android app with brand customization, location services, and push notifications.

DG1 Tasks

  • Website creation and management
  • E-commerce store setup and management
  • Campaign creation and execution
  • Scheduling and booking management
  • Data analytics and customer insights
  • Mobile app development and management

DG1 Integrations

  • Integration with major payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc.)
  • Backoffice system integration
  • Integration with over 2500+ apps through Zapier

Real-world Applications

DG1 is a versatile tool beneficial for a variety of industries:

  • Retail: Streamlines online operations, offering cost savings and AI-powered tools for growth and global expansion.
  • Services & Leisure: Enhances online management and customer engagement in service industries, integrating both online and offline operations.
  • Brands: Assists brands in managing their online presence, content creation, and implementing AI-driven growth strategies.

Who is DG1 for

  • Retail businesses
  • Service providers
  • Brand managers
  • E-commerce startups
  • Marketing agencies

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly PriceOnline Revenue CapFree Emails/SMS per Month
START$290$10,000/m15,000 emails, 50 SMS
GROW$590$25,000/m75,000 emails, 100 SMS
WIN$990$50,000/m150,000 emails, 200 SMS
Free 14-day trial is available.

DG1 Free Version

Not available


  • DG1 might have a learning curve for users new to digital marketing tools.
  • Integration with specific niche platforms may be limited.
  • Some advanced features may require technical expertise.


  • Users may have concerns regarding data privacy and security.
  • The complexity of features may require additional training.
  • Compatibility with existing systems and workflows could be a concern for some businesses.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements may include:

  • Enhanced AI capabilities for personalized customer experiences.
  • Broader integration options with niche platforms.
  • Improved user interfaces for easier navigation and usability.

Discover how DG1 can transform your online business operations.

Try it today and experience the power of AI in web and e-commerce management!

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