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Passed: AI for Teachers to Ensure Academic Integrity


Passed is an AI tool tailored for teachers to uphold academic honesty in student assignments. It detects AI assistance, identifies plagiarism, and monitors the writing process.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Detection Score: Assesses the extent of AI usage in student work.
  • Plagiarism Check: Detects uncredited text to encourage proper citations.
  • Paste-Ins Analysis: Evaluates the impact of pasted content on assignments.
  • Revision Tracking: Tracks changes and effort in the writing process.
  • Contribution Analysis: Distinguishes individual inputs in group assignments.
  • Time Investment Assessment: Measures student engagement based on time spent.
  • Writing Flow Examination: Analyzes the coherence and progression of writing.
  • Replay Tool: Allows teachers to watch the assignment’s writing process.
  • Partnership with Originality: Ensures high accuracy in AI and plagiarism detection.

Passed Platforms

  • Web app, Google Chrome extension

Passed Tasks

  • Detecting AI-generated content
  • Identifying plagiarism in assignments
  • Tracking document revisions and student contributions
  • Analyzing the writing flow for natural progression

Passed Integrations

  • Google Docs (via Chrome extension)

Real-world applications

Passed equips teachers with robust tools to ensure students’ work is original and genuinely their own. It’s crucial in:

  • Detecting AI-generated answers in homework and essays.
  • Identifying plagiarism to teach students about academic integrity.
  • Monitoring the writing process to understand students’ effort and engagement.
  • Assessing group work contributions for fair grading.
  • Improving writing skills by providing feedback based on detailed analyses.
  • Supporting remote learning by ensuring the integrity of online submissions.
  • Enhancing research projects with genuine student input.
  • Guiding students in using AI tools ethically for educational purposes.

Who is Passed for

  • Teachers
  • Educational administrators
  • Academic integrity officers

Effective Strategies for Using Passed in the Classroom

Implementing Passed as a Teaching Tool:
Teachers can use Passed not only as a means to detect AI-generated content and plagiarism but also as an educational tool to discuss the importance of originality and the ethical use of technology in academic work. Here are ways Passed can enhance classroom learning:

  • Educational Workshops: Host workshops on academic integrity, using Passed’s reports as examples to teach students about the importance of original work.
  • Feedback Loops: Utilize the detailed analysis provided by Passed to give constructive feedback on student assignments, focusing on improvement areas.
  • Collaborative Learning: Encourage students to use Passed in group projects to understand their contribution levels and promote fair collaboration.
  • Critical Thinking Exercises: Challenge students to compare AI-generated content with human writing to foster critical thinking about technology’s role in education.
  • Technology Ethics Discussions: Use case studies from Passed detections to spark discussions about the ethical implications of AI in academic and creative work.

Integrating Passed into Academic Policies:
To fully leverage Passed, educational institutions should consider integrating it into their academic policies and guidelines:

  • Clear Guidelines: Develop clear guidelines on AI use in assignments, specifying how tools like Passed will be used to ensure compliance.
  • Transparency: Inform students about the use of Passed and similar tools, ensuring they understand the purpose and the process of academic integrity checks.
  • Support Systems: Offer support and resources for students flagged by Passed, focusing on education and improvement rather than punishment.
  • Continuous Training: Provide ongoing training for teachers and staff on the latest features and best practices for using Passed effectively in various academic contexts.

Collaboration and Support Beyond the Classroom

Engaging Parents and Guardians:
Incorporating an AI content detector into the educational process offers an opportunity to engage parents and guardians in conversations about academic honesty and the responsible use of AI:

  • Parent-Teacher Meetings: Share insights and examples from the AI detection reports to discuss student progress and highlight the importance of original work.
  • Information Sessions: Host sessions for parents to understand AI’s impact on education and how tools like Passed help maintain integrity.

Building a Community of Practice:
Passed can serve as a catalyst for building a community among educators focused on ethical AI use and academic honesty:

  • Professional Development: Organize professional development sessions where teachers share experiences, strategies, and best practices for using Passed.
  • Collaborative Research: Encourage collaborative research projects among educators to study the impact of AI tools on learning outcomes and academic integrity.
  • Educational Technology Forums: Participate in or create forums for educators to discuss the evolving role of technology in education, sharing insights and challenges related to AI content detection tools.

By embracing these additional strategies and collaborative efforts, teachers and educational institutions can maximize the benefits of Passed, fostering an environment of integrity, innovation, and inclusive learning that prepares students for the future.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPricePeriodFree TrialCreditsFeatures
Monthly$9.99per month5 days (2500 words)200/monthUnlimited audits, Replay Tool, AI & Plagiarism Detection
Yearly$99.99per year5 days (2500 words)200/monthSame as Monthly + 2 free months

Passed Free version

Not available


  • Primary focus on English text for AI and plagiarism checks.
  • Dependency on credits for detailed analyses and extensive use.


  • Possibility of false positives or negatives, though minimized with comprehensive checks.
  • Requires internet access and compatibility with Google Docs for full functionality.
  • Learning curve for effectively utilizing all features.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding language support to cater to a diverse student body.
  • Broadening compatibility with other document platforms and editors.
  • Mobile app development for access to features on-the-go.

Teachers looking to safeguard academic integrity in the digital age can rely on Passed to verify the originality of student assignments and guide appropriate AI use.

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