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Sapling: AI Content Detector


Sapling is an AI content detector. The AI tool is designed to discern whether text is written by humans or generated by AI models like ChatGPT or Gemini. It’s a tool offering a free AI writing detector, revealing the probability that text is AI-generated, useful for educators, SEO experts, and content reviewers. Available as a web app, API, and Chrome extension, it enhances writing quality and ensures content authenticity.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Generated Text Detection: Identifies if text is AI-generated, supporting academic integrity and genuine content creation.
  • Web App & Chrome Extension: Accessible as a web application or via Chrome for easy integration into daily activities.
  • AI Detector API: Enables platforms to incorporate automated AI content detection.
  • Grammar and Spelling Improvements (Chrome Extension): Enhances writing with grammar, spelling, and rephrasing suggestions.
  • Security Measures: Complies with enterprise-grade security protocols, backed by external audits and testing.


  • Web app, Chrome Extension


  • Detect AI-generated text
  • Improve spelling and grammar
  • Rephrase sentences for clarity and tone
  • Provide autocomplete suggestions in writing
  • Use and manage text snippets for efficient communication


  • Outlook
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce (Lightning, Quip)
  • ServiceNow
  • Google Docs

Real-world applications

Educators can leverage Sapling to ensure students’ work is original, promoting academic honesty. SEO specialists might use it to verify the uniqueness of content, maintaining high-quality standards for web visibility. Content moderators can filter AI-generated submissions, preserving authenticity in user-generated content platforms.

Picture a group of friends challenging each other to write short stories, then using Sapling to guess which ones are AI-generated, turning a night in into an engaging game of detection.

Who is Sapling for

  • Educators
  • SEO practitioners
  • Content reviewers
  • Writers improving their craft

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/moOnly 20

Sapling Free version



  • The free version is limited to 2000 characters per check, with Pro and Enterprise subscriptions offering up to 8000 characters.
  • Primarily supports English, with limited support for Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese.


  • Risk of false positives and negatives, necessitating careful user evaluation.
  • Language support is broad but may not cover all user needs.
  • Regular updates are essential for maintaining detection accuracy against evolving AI models.

Potential Future Developments

Expanding the range of supported languages could make Sapling more universally usable. Improving accuracy, especially for shorter texts, would enhance its utility across various content lengths.

Safeguard the authenticity of your content with Sapling, your go-to for distinguishing between human and AI-generated text.

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