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Orimon: AI Chatbot Builder for Business


Orimon is an AI chatbot builder designed for businesses. It enables the creation and deployment of advanced conversational AI chatbots in minutes, offering 24/7 sales support through efficient AI-driven interactions.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick Setup: Build chatbots in under 2 minutes, no coding required.
  • AI-Driven Sales Chatbots: Tailored to visitor behaviors and preferences.
  • Seamless Integration: Easy installation on your website.
  • Continuous Learning: Orimon evolves from each interaction for better performance.
  • Live Chat Support: Immediate human support for complex needs.
  • High Reliability: 99.9% uptime ensures continuous sales processes.
  • Extensive Integrations: Supports Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, WordPress, Instagram, Wix, Slack, Discord, Teams, and more.

Orimon Platforms

  • Websites, Landing Pages, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Wix, Slack, Discord, Teams

Orimon Tasks

  • Create and deploy AI chatbots
  • Sync training data for personalized interactions
  • Integrate chatbots on websites
  • Continuous chatbot learning and refinement
  • Provide live chat for immediate customer needs

Orimon Integrations

  • WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Wix, Slack, Discord, Teams, Zapier, Pabbly, HubSpot, Google Sheets

Who is Orimon for

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Marketing teams
  • Customer service departments

Real-world applications

  • Round-the-Clock Sales Assistance: Keeps engaging with visitors after hours, turning them into customers.
  • Personalized Shopping Experiences: Offers recommendations based on visitor interests.
  • Immediate Customer Support: Directs complex queries to live chat, ensuring satisfaction.
  • Marketing Campaigns: The AI tool utilizes chatbots for engaging, interactive campaigns.
  • Fun Idea: Use Orimon to create a chatbot “virtual shop assistant” that not only helps with purchases but also tells jokes, making shopping a delightful experience.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceChatbotsE-commerce BotsLive Agent SeatsMessages/MonthTraining LinksDocument Training
Starter$49/mo2144,00020025 files
Growth$99/mo521010,00050050 files
Elite$399/mo1052040,0001,000100 files

Orimon Free version – Not available ❌


  • Monthly message limits depending on the plan.
  • Limited number of chatbots and e-commerce bots per plan.


  • Scalability: Costs may rise with the need for more messages or chatbots.
  • Customization Limits: May require more advanced options for large enterprises.
  • Integration Complexity: Integrating across multiple platforms could be challenging for some users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Voice Interaction Capability: Adding voice recognition for a more interactive user experience.
  • Advanced Analytics: Deeper insights into customer interactions and chatbot performance.
  • Greater Customization: More options for personalizing the chatbot appearance and responses.

Boost your business sales and customer engagement with Orimon’s AI chatbot builder.

Easy setup in under 5 minutes!

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