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MyCharacter: Interactive AI Character Creation

MyCharacter create collectable Polygon blockchain AI Characters


MyCharacter is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the AI Protocol, utilizing the CharacterGPT V2 Multimodal AI System. This platform allows users to generate realistic, intelligent, and interactive AI characters based on text descriptions. These characters are collectible on the Polygon blockchain, emphasizing decentralized ownership and creative expression.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Character Generation: Create AI characters using simple text prompts.
  • Character Customization: Users can modify their AI character’s personality, voice, and traits.
  • Blockchain Integration: Characters are tokenized on the Polygon blockchain for secure ownership.
  • Interactive Characters: AI characters can interact, learn, and create content.
  • Multimodal System: Utilizes CharacterGPT for generating characters with diverse appearances and personalities.
  • Social Media Integration: Characters are shareable on various social media platforms.

MyCharacter Tasks

  • Generating AI characters from text descriptions.
  • Customizing AI character traits and personalities.
  • Creating content in various formats (text, voice, video).
  • Interacting with and developing AI characters.

MyCharacter Integrations

  • Polygon blockchain for character tokenization.
  • Compatibility with other dApps on the AI Protocol.

Real-world applications

MyCharacter is beneficial across various industries, such as entertainment, marketing, gaming, and social media. Its AI characters can serve as brand ambassadors, offering a unique, 24/7 customer engagement tool. In gaming, these characters can enhance player experiences by providing more dynamic and responsive non-player characters (NPCs). Content creators can use these AI entities to generate innovative and diverse content, while individuals might enjoy creating digital twins for personal or professional use.

Who is MyCharacter for

  • Marketers
  • Game Developers
  • Content Creators
  • Social Media Enthusiasts
  • Technology Hobbyists

Pricing & Discount

MyCharacter operates on a credit-based system. Users earn or purchase credits to create, interact with, and collect AI characters.

ActivityCredits Required
Character Generation3 Credits
Interaction5 Credits
Content Creation1 Credit
Collecting on Chain5 Credits

MyCharacter Free version – Available

Users receive free credits upon signing up, verifying email, daily sign-ins, and through referrals and social media interactions.


  • Limited to the capabilities of the CharacterGPT system.
  • Requires credits for extensive interactions and content creation.
  • Dependent on the robustness of the AI Protocol and Polygon blockchain.


Users may have concerns about data privacy, especially in creating digital twins. The reliance on blockchain technology might raise questions about accessibility and ease of use for less tech-savvy individuals. Compatibility with other platforms and the long-term viability of the characters in evolving digital landscapes are also potential issues.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements may include more advanced AI interactions, broader blockchain integrations, and improved character customization options. Adaptations to emerging technologies and increased interoperability with various digital platforms are also likely.

Best Practices for MyCharacter

  • Utilize detailed, clear text descriptions for character creation.
  • Regularly interact with and update characters to enhance their learning.
  • Engage with the MyCharacter community for creative ideas and support.

MyCharacter presents a unique blend of AI and blockchain technology, offering a novel platform for creating and interacting with AI characters. As the technology evolves, it’s poised to make significant impacts in various digital realms.

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