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VModel: AI Fashion Models Generator for E-Commerce

In the fast-paced world of fashion e-commerce, VModel emerges as a transformative tool designed to streamline the process of creating on-model photography. By leveraging artificial intelligence, VModel offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for generating high-quality fashion model imagery, significantly reducing the costs and logistical complexities associated with traditional photoshoots.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid Sales Generation: Create product model photography within minutes, eliminating long waits and enabling immediate use to enhance sales.
  • Cost Savings: Achieve professional AI model photos from product shots without the need for expensive photoshoots, cutting model photography costs by up to 90%.
  • Business Expansion: Quickly produce images for a diverse range of clothing, facilitating product offering expansion without actual photoshoots or travel.
  • Audience Inclusivity: Freely customize AI fashion models to appeal to various demographics by adjusting for age, ethnicity, and gender, thereby improving conversion rates and distinguishing your brand from competitors.

VModel Platforms

  • Chrome plugin
  • Edge plugin

VModel Tasks

VModel Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

VModel is particularly beneficial for fashion e-commerce platforms, online retailers, and independent designers seeking to present their products in a more appealing and diverse manner. It enables brands to quickly adapt their visual content to market trends and consumer preferences, fostering a more inclusive shopping experience. Marketing teams can use VModel to create a wide range of promotional content, while product managers can rapidly prototype and test different visual presentations for new or existing products. Furthermore, VModel aids in reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional photoshoots, aligning with the sustainability goals of modern businesses.

Who is VModel for

  • Fashion e-commerce platforms
  • Online retailers
  • Independent fashion designers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Product managers

Pricing & Discount

Basic150 CreditsGet 15 AI model photos, Swap face 150 times$2.99
Standard1000 Credits + 100 BonusGet 110 AI model photos, Swap face 1100 times$19.99
Premium2500 Credits + 500 BonusGet 300 AI model photos, Swap face 3000 times$49.99

VModel Free version



While VModel significantly reduces the time and cost of model photography, the quality of the generated images may vary depending on the original product photos’ quality. Users should ensure high-resolution images for optimal results. Additionally, while AI models can cater to a wide range of clothing, specific complex designs or textures might not be rendered with the same accuracy as traditional photography.


Potential concerns for users may include the need for technical proficiency to optimize the tool’s capabilities fully and the limitation in customizing AI models to match unique or highly specific brand aesthetics. Privacy and data security are also important considerations, as users must upload product images to the platform.

Potential Future Developments

Future improvements could include enhanced AI algorithms for even more realistic model generation, broader customization options for model diversity, and integration capabilities with other e-commerce and design tools. Expanding the range of clothing and accessories the AI can accurately render would also be beneficial.

VModel invites fashion e-commerce professionals to explore its capabilities and experience the benefits of AI-driven model photography firsthand.

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