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Outboundly: AI-Driven Personalized Cold Outreach

In the realm of cold outreach and digital networking, Outboundly stands out as a Chrome extension designed to optimize and personalize your communication efforts. By leveraging artificial intelligence, it generates tailored prospecting messages for emails and LinkedIn, drawing from a wide array of sources such as websites, blog posts, and social media profiles. This tool aims to enhance response rates significantly, boasting a 12-fold increase by offering hyper-personalized outreach messages in just one click.

Features & Benefits

Outboundly’s capabilities extend beyond mere message generation. Here’s a breakdown of its distinctive features and the benefits they bring to its users:

  • AI-Powered Personalization: Instantly analyzes digital footprints across LinkedIn, company websites, and social media, creating messages that resonate on a personal level.
  • Sales Navigator Integration: Seamlessly incorporates insights from LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, tailoring messages based on recent activities, interests, and interactions.
  • One-Click Message Generation: Simplifies the outreach process, producing targeted messages with a single click.
  • Nine Unique Modes: Offers specialized modes for various outreach objectives, including general, pitch, template, connection request, recruiter, custom, starter, brainstorm, and Sales Navigator automation, catering to a wide range of user needs.
  • Ease of Use: Directly integrates into webpages and LinkedIn, allowing for effortless message creation without leaving the platform.

Outboundly Platforms

  • Chrome extension (usable on any platform that supports Chrome, including Windows, Mac, Linux)

Outboundly Tasks

  • Generate personalized cold emails
  • Create personalized LinkedIn messages
  • Analyze websites and LinkedIn profiles for personalization
  • Automate message generation with Sales Navigator

Outboundly Integrations

  • LinkedIn
  • Sales Navigator (LinkedIn)

Real-world Applications

Outboundly’s utility spans various industries, making it a valuable tool for professionals looking to optimize their outreach strategies via cold emails or personalized Linkedin messages. Sales teams can leverage its personalized messaging to improve lead generation and conversion rates. Marketing professionals might use it to tailor pitches to potential collaborators or influencers. HR and recruitment agencies can benefit from its ability to craft messages that appeal to desired candidates, enhancing talent acquisition efforts. Freelancers and entrepreneurs can utilize it to expand their networks and secure new clients or partnerships. In essence, any sector where digital outreach plays a crucial role in business development and networking can benefit from Outboundly’s capabilities.

Who is Outboundly for

  • Sales Professionals
  • Marketers
  • Recruiters and HR Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Networking Professionals

Pricing & Discount

DEMO$0160All Features
SOLO$19/month1500All Message Modes, Automated Features
BUSINESS$69/month32000All Message Modes, Automated Features, Support
SALES PRO$199/yearly10UnlimitedAll Message Modes, Automated Features, Support

Outboundly Free version



  • May require frequent updates to maintain accuracy with changing social media profiles or websites.
  • Customization might be limited in template-based messages without user intervention.


Users might have concerns about:

  • The accuracy of AI-generated messages and their relevance to specific prospects.
  • The potential for messages to feel too automated or lack a genuine touch.
  • Data privacy and how personal information from LinkedIn and websites is handled.
  • The learning curve associated with optimizing the tool’s various modes for different outreach objectives.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced AI models for even more precise personalization.
  • Integration with additional social media platforms for broader outreach capabilities.
  • More granular control over message customization and template adjustments.
  • Advanced analytics to track the effectiveness of different message modes and templates.

Try Outboundly today to transform your digital outreach strategy with personalized, AI-generated messages.

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