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Penly: AI Image Generator


Penly harnesses AI to transform text into custom visuals, offering a wide array of features from creating lookalike portraits to generating anime characters. This platform facilitates the creation, modification, and enhancement of images with a focus on ease of use and creative freedom.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Image Generator: Turns text descriptions into vivid, artistic representations with precision. It employes Dream Weaver Technology.
  • Custom Lookalike Portraits: Generates images that resemble specific individuals from provided reference photos.
  • Image Enhancement: Offers tools to modify, expand, or remove elements in images via text commands.
  • AI Outpainting: Expands images to include new elements, broadening the creative scope.
  • Companion Creation: Creates lifelike images of ideal companions from textual descriptions.
  • Anime and Realistic Art Generation: Enables users to create both anime and realistic art styles from prompts, reflecting a wide range of artistic preferences.
  • Interactive AI Companions: Engage with AI-generated companions through SoulChat, supporting text, voice, or video interactions.
  • Comprehensive Creative Modules: A suite of tools for various image manipulation tasks, including Text to Image, Image to Image, background removal, object replacement, and more.

AI Image Converters

  • Photo to Anime & Anime to Photo Conversion: Transforms real photos into anime style and vice versa, adding a playful or stylistic twist to images.
  • AI Undress: Allows for the sensitive modification of images, adhering to strict content guidelines to ensure ethical use.
  • Face Swap: Replacing one person’s face with another’s for creative or just for fun.

Penly Platforms

  • Web app

Penly Tasks

  • Create images from text descriptions.
  • Generate lookalike portraits based on reference images.
  • Enhance and modify images with AI.
  • Convert photos to anime and anime photos back to realism.
  • Create and interact with AI-generated companions.
  • Utilize a variety of creative tools for image manipulation and enhancement.
  • Undress photo

Penly Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Penly’s versatility lights up various corners of the creative world, from professional projects to whimsical personal endeavors.

Imagine wedding planners using Penly to design fantasy-themed invitations, where each guest receives a bespoke, animated portrait of themselves as part of a magical kingdom. Fashion bloggers could transform street-style photos into anime versions, creating a buzz with a “Fashion Week: Anime Edition” blog series.

In a classroom, teachers might employ Penly to turn historical figures into relatable anime characters, making history lessons unexpectedly captivating for students. For those looking to spice up their living spaces, interior designers could use Penly to visualize renovations by outpainting existing room photos with desired changes, presenting futuristic decor options in vivid detail.

On a lighter note, imagine a culinary blogger creating a series of posts where dishes are reimagined as anime characters, turning recipes into engaging narratives about “The Adventures of Pizza Man and Sushi Girl.”

Then, there’s the ultimate fun application: a pet cosplay contest where participants use Penly to design elaborate costumes for their pets, based on the pets’ personalities, turning them into superheroes, anime stars, or historical figures without ever needing a single stitch or uncomfortable outfit. And of course the face swap feature is a must for a bit of fun.

Penly not only opens the door to endless creative possibilities but also adds a layer of joy and surprise to everyday scenarios, making the mundane magnificent and the ordinary extraordinary.

Who is Penly for

  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Educators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Creators
  • Fashion Influencers
  • Anime Enthusiasts
  • Wedding Planners
  • Interior Designers
  • Culinary Bloggers
  • Pet Owners

With Penly, the boundary between reality and imagination blurs, offering a canvas for everyone to paint their dreams vividly.

Pricing & Discount


Penly Free version

Not available


Penly restricts adult content and has a maximum upload size for images. Users need credits for premium features, and the creation process may depend on available credits.


Potential concerns include data privacy, especially with the upload of personal images for custom portraits. Compatibility with different devices or browsers might affect user experience. The cost of credits for frequent users could add up.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include more diverse art styles and character options, deeper integration with social media for direct posting, and advanced editing features allowing for more detailed customization of generated images. Adding a free version or tier with limited features could attract more users.

Discover the endless possibilities of AI-powered image creation with Penly, where your imagination is the only limit.

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